What Happens if Paint Freezes – Ways to test and thaw frozen paint

In the coldest of weather where things freeze, breathe turns smoky how do you expect water to stay runny? Acrylic paint is water-based. So as water turns into ice, your water-based paint becomes freezy and changed in texture. If you are lucky, your frozen paint may revive with one or two thawing, otherwise, you will find some crumpy, bd-smelling wastage.

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Can paint freeze overnight?

In lower temperatures, paint can freeze overnight. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you can expect to have your water-based paint start getting frozen. If the temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, you will find your paint freezes faster. But that too also depends on the situation your paint is in. if it is sealed and stored well in a less cold place, it might not get damaged or frozen. On the other hand, if your paint is exposed to the cold weather, it will freeze faster and may get damaged as well.

Does paint get ruined if it freezes?

Well, it cannot be answered particularly. You can open and check if your paint can get back to a normal situation after thawing. It could be assumed that the quality will not be 100 percent the same as it was earlier. The consistency of the solution may get changed and affect the emulsion after thawing which may take a hassle to handle. You might not want to use this for your big project because the revived frozen paint may not give a proper finishing or may get destroyed.

How to restore frozen paint

Restoring frozen paint is not a big deal, you need to follow the procedure and give time. We will be discussing the methods and procedures of how to fix frozen paint.

How to restore frozen paint

Preparation for fixing frozen paint

Put your safety goggles, gloves and mask on while opening the frozen paint. We do not know what situation the paint is in so, it might be dangerous to open without caution. Put some paper, towel or old cloth on the floor to put the paint can on it to protect the floor.

  • Method One – How to Thaw Frozen Paint naturally

Now we can open and check the paint. We will check if there is any odour, lumps or irregularities in the consistency. If it has a bad smell and is cottage cheese-like after thawing, we may have to enlist it in the name of waste. If it is just frozen, we will bring it and keep it in a room temperature to defrost.

Once it comes into the normal situation, we will stir the paint and mix it well. Proper mixing will let the paint come in its appropriate nature as the properties get mixed.

This process is slow but the best way. If you take the time to fix your frozen paint in this way, the quality of the paint may not drop.

  • Method Two – How to Restore Frozen paint in Warm Water

If you want to quicken the process, you can go for this alternative. Take a tub or drum of warm water and put the paint can inside. It is like giving a warm bath. Remember the water should not be hot, it should be warm. This way you will have your paint fixed faster.

Once the paint is in a good position stir it and mix it well. Check if there is any lump left. Dissolve all the texture and make it smooth with a nice and balanced stir.

Now your paint is ready to be applied. Make sure you sand and prime the surface you will be painting. Skipping these two will result in a bad painting experience.

Storing Acrylic paint

If you live in the colder area or if you trace the arrival of winter, make sure you have stored your paint properly. Do not keep paint outside. Keep inside the house or garage.

A better way is to seal your paint. In an airtight container wrap the container with a plastic wrap. Now put the lid on the wrap and pound with a rubber mallet. It will ensure a nice and firm seal. Now put the container upside down.

This way your acrylic paint will be nice and fit surviving a cold winter season!

What Happens if Paint Freezes There Are also Some Question

Some of the frequently asked questions have been answered below.

Can cold weather damage exterior painting?

When the weather gets extreme the exterior paint of buildings may crack, chip even peel. With the change of temperature, the inside of the paint may expand resulting in damaging the bond between paint and prime. In chilly weather, the color of your wall also may change or get pale.
However, we cannot control the weather, but we can make sure that we are using high-quality painting products applied by qualified professionals.

How to tell if acrylic paint is ruined or not?

Smell the paint inside the container after opening the lid. A strong chemical smell will hit your nose if the paint is good. A strong rancid odor indicates damaged paint. As you stir the paint you will see the paint and liquid that were separated are getting mixed together which is a sign of good painting. Ruined paint will not blend with its original color.

Can oil paint be ruined in cold?

Oil-based paint does not get much affected in cold weather. The drying process of oil painting may get slower in cold weather but it is not much to worry about.


If your frozen paint is damaged, you still need this What Happens if Paint Freeze guide. And yes, you have to dispose of the damaged paint properly. Let the paint dry completely. Keep the container away from children and pets. Remove the lid of the container and throw the container in the garbage storage. Put the lid on for recycling. Contact the waste disposal facility to dispose of it properly. For disposal of all types of paint and paint-related products follow the instruction of your respective region.

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