Titan Controlmax 1700 Review

Need a versatile paint sprayer? Take a look at the TITAN CONTROLMAX 1700 portable wheel attached sprayer that can save you time, money and give the best results.

Suppose you have a huge paint job to be done in a short time? Will it be wise to use a roller or a small sprayer to coat the surface? We don’t think so. This is where you need a versatile professional paint sprayer that can do everything.

We are going to jot down a TITAN CONTROLMAX 1700 REVIEW for you so that you get the gist of a professional sprayer. Why TITAN 1700? Well, it is designed in a way that can be taken from place to place easily. The body frame is metal and is very portable for a big sprayer. 

Read through the article to know more positives about TITAN CONTROLMAX 1700.

The Reason we like the TITAN CONTROLMAX 1700

First and foremost the 1700 model is one of the easiest tools, paint sprayer to handle. No matter if you are a DIYer, noob or a professional. The instrument is easy on the hands and controllable with just a few tweaks. There is an easy layout instruction manual for you too. It’s like a point and shoots camera, but my friends we are talking about a sprayer.


Easy to manoeuvre and spray at one go. Just point on the surface and push the trigger. Adjustable Rate-of-flow is one of the positive aspects that’s gonna help you.

Comes with Warranty

Titan is a well-renowned brand in the painting industry. They have never compromised their quality and are not looking to deteriorate anything soon. They have put a 2-year warranty on the TITAN CONTROLMAX 1700 with all the confidence that it’s going to last for years to come. 

Many sprayers don’t even last 6 to one year, but with the 1700 model from TITAN, you are assured at least 2 years of guaranteed service. Their customer service is one of the finest and well-reputed within the clientele. 

Basic Specifications

– 19.4-pound weight

– 0.60 HP Motor

– 300 gallons of annual usage guarantee

– It has a 125 LPM Rate of flow

– 0.017 inches of maximum tip adjustment

– 1500 PSI of max pressure

– Up to 80 feet attachable hose length

– Airless sprayer

– Usable for exterior and interior paintings

Talk about power

When it comes to the power capability, TITAN 1700 does win it compared to similar products. It has a 0.6 horsepower pump that is adequate to spray out 3/10 gallons of paint in one minute. Isn’t it lucrative? It is! Titans HEA (high efficiency airless) technology is implemented on this product and has an adjustable pressure limit. It can reach a maximum pressure of 1500 PSI, believe it or not. 

With this item, you can spray different types of materials with ease. No matter the size of work. DIYers, beginners and professionals are gonna love the power this machine produces. Just getting used to it is what you need to learn first. You should also be notified that this pro sprayer can spray up to 300 gallons annually. 

Silent functionality

Yes, it has a powerful motor pump. We can also assure you that it is amongst one of the most silent airless sprayers out there. Guaranteed to give you less noise so that you can work freely. So if you want a quiet sprayer to work with, get this product without any doubt.

Two-wheel design

This is not just a hand sprayer, well we are talking about much more. A sprayer that has two wheels will take you to places. Meaning you can travel with this sprayer without any problems. The wheels are there to make things flexible and buttery smooth to move along with. Take the paint sprayer anywhere you like and showcase the functionality with pride and effectiveness.

Most sprayers don’t come with wheel stands, and it makes things tough for painters to work and carry their belongings altogether. This model has a wheeled cart that will allow you to take the bucket and sprayer with you and let you spray right out of the container without any hassle. Portable and flexible, what else do you need?

Directly Spray from the Bucket

It’s time to change the ways of your painting style. Make things easier with the CONTROLMAX 1700. It has a wheeled cart that can carry a bucket and you just have to make the sprayer hose go inside and point the gun to flush out the paint. Easy peasy! 

Now you don’t have to bend down or go on refilling time after time. Save energy and time with this particular product. You can thank us later. Carry the bucket and a hose, you are good to go. No refilling overtime from now onwards.

Topnotch HEA TIP

Let us break HEA first. Its the TITAN’s High efficient airless product. What it does is simply reduce overspray. Yes, the most common disturbance a sprayer has is over spraying. The titan Controlmax 1700, with its HEA tip, is made to curb the overspray up to 55 %. 

With its adjustable spraying power, and top of the line HEA tip, there will be fewer amount of paint particles splashing or spilling you can say. You get the right amount you need. That’s the best part of having a HEA tip sprayer. Wasting paint is a big no-no with this product.

Rotatable tip for Various Patterns

The Titan 1700 has a rotatable tip that will allow you to adjust your spraying pattern. You don’t need to change the tips to go for horizontal, vertical or circular motions. With this HEA tip, you can rotate it to different angles and spray paint in any form you want, be it horizontal or vertical spraying. 

Tips usually clog with paint. Rotating tips have an advantage, when you rotate the frontal part, the clogs will efface and you will get a clean end once again. You won’t have to clear the clog manually every time you use it.

Compartment and Casing

Titan 1700 is shelled with a polymer outing layer that is durable on the go and for the long run as well. Additionally, you will also get a storage compartment in this machine. This will allow you to keep a set of tips if you need, mobile phones, wallets, or any other belongings. 

Priming with CONTROLMAX 1700

Coating before you put it before the main paint, that’s priming for you. You can do this with the CONTROLMAX 1700 as well. There is a superflow pusher valve that is red. Use ist to use primers on the exterior wall. 

Assembling and usage

You gotta assemble this tool there is no hiding from it., but nothing that serious that cannot be done. It is easy and we are gonna explain how. The pump housing needs to be covered first, so put the covers on. Now attach the handles by gliding the tubes in place, letting them sync and lock in position. Make sure it is affixed properly. The next thing to do is fix the suction tubes and return lines with the valve. Secure it properly and you are good to go. Wait, you gotta attach the hose. Don’t ya? Otherwise, how are you gonna move distances? 

Use the Superflo button for priming. Let the suction tube go inside the bucket. Now be careful with the pressure, you can start from 2 or 3, but starting with 11 will blast the paint with full force. Adjust accordingly.

Once tested, it’s time to replace the tip. Do it by setting the pressure to zero and positioning the tip forward. Gradually increase the speed and you will be able to spray paint with fun. 

The minor disadvantages

Right out of the box you will get only one tip along with the device. Which is not good for staining. This is one lacking. But there is an option to change the tip, so you are lucky. You can fit 0.017 inches of varying tips to accommodate the kind of paint you need. 

Titan 1700 is prone to paint blockage, i.e clogging. It doesn’t have a filtration unit to filter the extra remains. So you have to keep turning the tip to keep it away from clogs. SLogging is an issue, but it’s fixable. Rotate the tip and always prime the paint before use. That’s it.

Summarised features

– Comes with a two-year warranty

– Can be used for priming using Superflo valve

– Rugged, long-lasting and durable, destined to serve for years to come

– Adjustable flow, from softer spraying to hard flush out. Control knobs to adjust the speed

– Curbs over-spraying up to 55%, allows you to paint smoothly without spilling much

– Brand value and reliability from the one and only TITAN

Final verdict

If you were searching for details and digging about a good airless sprayer. Then you are in the right place. This is a write-up about the TITAN CONTROLMAX 1700 review. SO you get to know all the pros and cons. Mostly pros and almost no disadvantages, just minors. The goods this sprayer will give is second to none. It is handy, flexible, easy to use and portable. It is relatively affordable to any other sprayers with carrying wheels and storage units. What else do you need? Give it a try and give your spraying outcome a brandishing look. 

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