Titan controlMax 1500 review (titan controlmax 1500 vs 1700- details)

Looking for an airless sprayer that is functional and useful? Why not get the TITAN CONTROL MAX 1500. It has one of the finest controls and workability.

Time to talk about one of the best airless sprayers out there. You’ve heard about HVLP sprayers but airless sprayers are more powerful and work like magic with colors. For a more consistent paint job the TITAN CONTROL MAX is one of a kind tool that you must have. 

It is a highly efficient sprayer with a powerful motor compared to all other paint sprayers. Today we are here to discuss and compare some of the prominent items, especially the TITAN sprayer. Bear with us and read the article to know more.

Titan controlMax 1500 review

When we talk about paint sprayers, what comes to mind? Something that is feasible and has great functional output. Not to forget, the durability of the tool. YOu get everything in one machine that is the TITAN CONTROL MAX 1500 paint sprayer.


Start painting your decks, garages, fences, exteriors and everything you can with this product. You won’t be disappointed. Why do we like this product? Because it is the best in the market. We can assure you that we have surveyed and nitpicked many sprayers. Later concluded that TITAN CONTROL MAX 1500 has no worthy counterparts when it comes to performance, reliability and practicality. 

Do you know that this sprayer is one step better when it comes to over-spraying? We meant to say that it will not overspray like other devices. It has a 55% less overspray rate. The manufacturer made this airless sprayer for DIYers and amateurs, even professionals adore this item for what it can deliver. 

The operating pressure is about 1500psi. It can be attached to 25 feet hose pipe, well more than that. 75 feet can be accommodated as well if you are looking to go further with the unit. With 0.55 horsepower it can shoot unthinned colours and stains without any hassle. The power is such that it can deliver smoothly and speedily. It has an easy to tweak control known for maintaining the colour flow as you wish.

The good thing about this item is that the manufacturer backs it up with a 2 years warranty. So you can chill out and spend the money on this beast of a sprayer. 


– Manufacturer warranty backup is super necessary and you will get 2 years of backup in case of a mishap.

– You can attach a 25 to 75 feet cord and add it to the bucket directly.

– It has an easy-to-use control knob, to make sure you have the power over the rate of fluid flow.

– It has HEA technology that curbs the over-spraying up to 55 % than other spray machines. 

A high-pressure system to flush latex paints conveniently, and it can handle any type of color format as well, from stains to enamel, milk paint, chalk paint, and others.

– Efficient sprayer

– Easy to use

– For complete assistant support get this product’s eyes closed.

– Long-Lasting. 3 x longer lifespan


– Has some issues when priming. Upo can handle it easily>

– Working on exterior walls might need thinning of the paint.

– Maintenance is required, to stop clogging.

– There is no external l sprayer that can work similarly to this beast. It is a workhorse.

Comparison between TITANCONTROL MAX 1500 and its counterparts

Titan controlmax 1500 vs Graco x5

First, let’s talk about the pricing. TITAN will cost you around 212 dollars and GRACO will be around 296 dollars. If you scour the internet you might find that GRACO scores better than TITAN. That doesn’t mean Titan is far behind. We reviewed it for a reason. It is comparatively cheap and works excellently. GRACO and TITAN both have a reliable start button to start things off. They both can be directly put into a gallon or 5-gallon paint and work the spraying needs.

Titan and Graco both have control flow knobs for controlling the rate of flow. They are lightweight too and can be carried easily. Graco has 3000 psi whereas Titan has 1500, enough to spray unthinned paint. Titan has 5 spray tips for different kinds of paint flow. Graco too has precision tips for bigger tasks. Titan wins it with its less overspray feature and manufacturer backup and excellent customer care.

Titan controlMax 1500 review

Titan control max 1500 vs Wagner

Let us remind you that the Wagner group owns TITAN tools. Wagner and TITAN brands themselves differently, being adjacent to the same company brand. TITAN and Wagner produce different sprayers. For example Titan Control MAx and Wagner Control pro 170.

The Wagner sprayer has a wheeled system and is an affordable unit too. They work great with paints and are flexible to move around with. TITAN is something that we talked about already and you know the perks of it. It is the best sprayer we claim. You are welcome to try it yourself. It is handier and can toil the most intricate task to make your paint job look striking in no time.

Titan control max 1500 vs 1700

Now let’s discuss two TITAN airless sprayers but different models. The Titan 1700 model has 1700psi power to shoot fluids whereas Titan 1500 has the number mentioned already. Common thing is that both are highly efficient and can work wonders on spraying jobs. !700 is a bit bigger and weighs more than 1500.

We b=prefer the Titan 1500 for its flexibility for its user. You can attach a 25-75 feet cord and move around to spray like a boss. 1700 has a wider range, from 30 to 80 ft reach which is convenient but the main thing is that it’s a bit pricey. You know the updated model costs more.

Both sprayers are backed by a 2-year warranty and are fine to work on any outdoor work, exterior and best if you do the fences, chairs, desks and furniture. Now the pricing, TITAN 1500 starts with $212 and TITAN 1700 starts with $256. No matter the price, if you are into TITAN you can win it all. It’s a win-win situation for you and your unpainted surface. You can blindly trust this brand.


Why Do We Like this product?

If we talk about serviceability, this is the best you will find in the market. It is fast, powerful, and gives you the most lustrous finish if handled properly. It doesn’t overspray like other tools. It gives a more consistent finish when sprayed softly. Speed can be varied. It has a long-lasting lifespan and can spray thick paints without being thinned. 

Do Paint sprayers work?

Why won’t it? Then what’s the reason for manufacturing different kinds of sprayers? Just like hand painting or rolling colours, sprayers are more functional. Yes, expensive but they give you a consistent finish and a sheeny outlook. It works like magic!

What kind of surfaces can I paint it with?

Using an airless sprayer you can work on interior walls, trims, doors, ceilings, fences, decks, cabinets, and automobiles. There are so many things you can do with it. 

What is the Best Airless Paint Sprayer for the Money in 2022

The answer is simple. TITAN CONTROL MAX 1500 is our first choice. There are many others but this one suits just fine when we talk about the best in the market.

Are Titan Airless sprayers good?

Not just good, they are amongst the best in the business. Reliable and functional to the core for any kind of paint job. You won’t have to worry once you get hold of a TITAN AIrless sprayer.

Are Titan and Wagner the same?

Wanger group owns the TITAN paint sprayer company. Product-wise they make different things, sprayers too. But yes Wagner owns Titan tools. 

How do you prime a Titan control Max sprayer?

You will need two metal buckets. Use one for mineral spirit, use the siphon tube onto it. The return tube has to be put in another container. Now go to the sprayer primer mode. Set it to the prime position. Remember to turn the pressure control knob to a minimum. Note flush the test fluids by turning the sprayer.

Turn the sprayer off, lift the siphon tube flush the paint and allow it to pump dry. As simple as that. Make sure if you are using water-based paint don’t use mineral spirits, use water. OIl based paints go with mineral spirits. Good luck!

Final Words

What do you expect from a sprayer? Convenience and powerful smooth performance? Right? Well, we talked about Titan controlMax 1500 review for a reason. This product is the one for you and therefore we reviewed it. It is one of the best in the gadget market for painting.

It can work with multiple types of paints and can last longer than normal sprayers. It has a secured manufacturer backup and you can trust them. So whoever is looking for an airless sprayer, TITAN is the one to go for. 

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