Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer review

Say no to hand-rolling overpaints, get the new REXBETI ULTIMATE -750 PAINT SPRAYER and make your paintwork look lustrous and sheeny. Rexbeti never disappoints.

Paint sprayers are one of the most pivotal tools for a painter. We are talking about painters who work on woods, metal, fences, cars, cabinets and other things. Oh yes, painting with hands or roller brush are other options that painters enjoy, but there are drawbacks to it. Most importantly there are chances of mismanagement, missed parts and lumps or issues with viscosity.

This is why we are here to talk about one of the best paint sprayers in the market, the REXBETI ULTIMATE SPRAYER. Why this? The things we talked about the flaws while painting, won’t happen with a rexbeti sprayer. You will get a clear answer in the latter part of the article. Just get the gist that this is one of the most workable instruments professionals are using nowadays.


First and foremost let us remind you about the manufacturer. They are one of a kind and have been in the line of work making the best tools for painters, pros and DIYers. REXBETI comes with a 500-watt motor and in orange colour which is eye-catching and not boring. LEt’s talk about the functionality. 

With this instrument, you can spray in three different patterns, just as you like, be it circular, horizontal or vertical lines. YOu won’t be doing that with a roller that easily. The high power motor gives you the power to control the speed as it has a knob to control the flow. Make your paint finish immaculate by controlling the spray pattern and speed. 

Rexbeti ultimate-750 paint sprayer review

It has a 1000ml container to hold colour, adequate for spraying chairs, tables, fences, any kind of crafts and interiors even. This sprayer is detachable so once you are done painting, you can clean the clogs and make it appear anew by washing it in seconds. It is easy to maintain. 

This sprayer comes with a 6.6 feet power cord to give you the flexibility to move around. Yes, it is also lightweight and portable to deal with. So say no to those stressful heavy sprayers. Get the REXBETI ASAP!

We are in awe of this product because it’s a workhorse kinda tool and is very smooth to work with. The manufacturer guarantees a lot and delivers too. That we can assure you. The 4 different nozzles are there to overcome different kinds of paints, be it latex, primer or anything. It will do the job just fine. You may thin the paint if needed but that is up to you. 

The advantages of this sprayer

– It is ideal for coloring, staining fences, doors, cabinets, furniture and many more surfaces you can’t even imagine.

– It has a flow knob as a controller. Where you can adjust the rate of the fluid outcome. 

– Easy to use whether you are spraying horizontally, circularly or vertically

– Comes with 4 nozzles to accommodate and sprays different kinds of paints. 

– Deals with paint viscosity very well. Some paints can be a bit thick and need to be thinned down and you’re good to go

– YOu can use sealers, varnish, stains, polyurethane, milk paint, chalk, latex wall paint, primer and such.

– HEavy duty instrument for professionals, amateurs and DIYers

– Large canister for holding paints

– Easy to wash and maintain in a flash. Fully detachable and adjustable

– Looks striking and lightweight as well for superior use

– Gives lustrous finish to your paint job

– HVLP sprayer. High volume low-pressure tools for painting gives you a flawless look and ease of use.

-Value for money

Disadvantages of this sprayer

Better not to use it in the extremely warm and dry climate

– After coating, there can be drips from the nozzle. Which is normal but can be avoided with precaution

– Splatters after 10 to 15 minutes. You must be careful while moving with it. 

– Manual instructions need to be more precise about the product handling

– Receptacle of the paint is on small

These are a few disadvantages but nothing worth fighting for, you won’t get a better deal than this. Look at the positives and you are about to be blown away when working with this tool. It’s a magical sprayer. 

Finest features of REXBETI sprayer 


Rexbeti has a dimension of 11.8×11.5×5.4 inches, adequate for any paintwork. It is easy to carry and has a flexible body to be moved around easily. Yes, size matters. BUt Rexbeti does have the perfect size for any small job, medium job or large project.

Spray nozzles

There are 4 different spray nozzles for dealing with different paint types. 1.5 mm for stains, varnish and enamels that can be applied on wood, fences, cycles, cabinets, etc. 2 mm for chalk paints and milk paints that can be worked on boats, doors, window frames and others. Then there are 2.5 mm and 3mm nozzles that can hold primer, latex wall paint for outdoor external walls, garden fences and much more.


With 500w power and adjustable control, Rexbeti is one of the most effective units out there. You can work free flowingly with the power it generates. 500 Watts is good enough for any sprayer. If used with precaution and care it is gonna work wonders.

Adjustable control knobs

There are adjustable control knobs to maintain the rate of flow. It is up to you how much splashing you need. SO just control the knobs and nozzles and see the magic happen. If you want slower speed, medium or faster flow., all can be done with the help of the control knobs.

Easy to maintain

This tool is very easy to take care of. Once you are done painting you can wash it easily and let us tell you it’s completely detachable and can be in shape right away.

Cord length for flexibility

6.6 ft cord length for a spray is doable for any paint job unless you are running on a football field. Just kidding! The cord length of 6 feet is viable to work with and gives you the flexibility to move around.

Applications of the spray gun 

If you are working for the first time, be sure to double-check the flow and viscosity of paint before applying it to the main course. If something goes wrong don’t panic. You can do it again. It’s a learning process. With 1000 ml of colour you can work for fences, chairs, or decks easily. Might need a refill if doing large projects, but that’s part of the work process.

Always use the right tip/nozzle for the perfect flow. Otherwise, you are doomed with an uneven or impaired paint job. Try out the nozzles and see if it is the best one for your job.

Make sure you clean the machine one after a few uses. Don’t let it clog. It is easy to wash and can be maintained in a flash so don’t worry about it. Keep it in a healthy state.

While using latex, you might need to use thinners. Do it if the flow is not correct. Thinning can make your paint job more dazzling. Do it only if it is required.

Useful spray gun tips and tricks

Painting is not a cakewalk, there are a few tricks you can follow to make it more precise. Check it out.

– Know how to use the gun. It’s not a toy. Read the manual and know all the parts.

– While spraying, use low pressure so that the paint doesn’t spatter and make it blemished. Increase the speed if you need to make it overlap or cover more surface area.

– Keep a distance while working. Don’t go too close to your spraying surface. It will contact you the colour we mean. Keep a safe distance but don’t go far enough that the paint can reach the surface.

– Always hold the spray gun perpendicularly. Don’t shake or be uncomfortable. Your shaky hand can make your paintwork go wrong. Be comfy with the weight and size. Keep it raised and upright as much as possible.

– Overlapping each paint by 50% is a good way to make it look finished.

– You must maintain the gun properly. Don’t let it sit for too long after use. Keep it working, keep it clean the best way possible.


Why should you use paint sprayers for furniture?

Furniture is an intricate thing made of wood and other materials as well. Woods are complex and can have bumps, lumps, better chisel it and use a sprayer instead of hand rolling it. Hand rolling paints tend to leave blank space that has to be overdone again and again. SPrayers are far more convenient and easy. It covers everything and keeps things smooth.

What Paints Can You Use with the Rexbeti Ultimate 750 Paint Sprayer?

The good thing about the REXBETI sprayer is that it comes with 4 nozzles and we assure you that it can take many different kinds of paints. From latex, stains, varnish, enamels, milk paint, wall paint, low viscosity colours and even high viscosity paints, it can be used with the perfect tweaking of the control knobs.

Is an airless paint sprayer or HVLP sprayer best for latex paint?

Both can work fine with latex colour. AIrless sprayers are far more expensive than HVLP guns. Airless ones are more powerful and give a cleaner finish if controlled right. That doesn’t mean HVLP sprayers like REXBETI are far behind. It can go head to head with any top tier sprayer. Because it is one. 

Will you use the paint sprayer for home decor only or different projects?

Why just home decor? Yes, you can use a sprayer for home decor if the correct colour is being used. But you can also use a sprayer outdoors on fences, and not only that, use enamels and other types of paints for exterior work. You can colour the car, cycles and what not. Sprayers like REXBETI are so versatile that you can go with it with any kind of paint job.

How do I stay safe while I’m using a paint sprayer?

Always use protective gear. Health is your priority. Paints are made of chemicals and can harm you. So wear gloves, eye goggles, bodysuits and stay away from direct contact. Also keep away from warm temps, such as heat and make sure the place you are working on is well ventilated to let off the odour and harmful chemicals. Use a sprayer from a distance and you will be fine.

Why Do We Like the REXBETI Ultimate 750 Electric sprayer?

We have already mentioned it above. It is one of the best in the market. For its functionality and versatility. It has good power capacity, for different kinds of paintwork. Carryable size, adjustable knobs, variations of nozzles for speed and flow control, last but not the least, the ease of use no matter if you are a noob, Diyer or professional.


There are so many sprayers out there in the market, so why are we talking about REXBETI? If you have gone through this write-up, you know why we admire this product for its paint works. There are tons of positives that you can’t deny. It is so functional and easy to use on any kind of painting work. From furniture to cabinets, to fences and outdoor use. You can do it all. It supports many different paints and the maintenance is super easy. So why not get this? You also have the backup of the manufacturer. It’s Rexbeti for good my friend. You can never go wrong with one. THis rexbeti paint sprayer review is for those who are seeking an ideal sprayer for the various paint job. You can blindly trust Rexbeti, it is a renowned item already used by thousands of people around the world.

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