KILZ 2 Primer Review – The Best Primer Budget Primer

Primers are like the undershirt you wear under your sweater or whatever. It’s all about protecting the underlayer of the wall. The cloth was just an example to give you a gist. Primers are the most intricate part of starting a paint job. 

They are coated to bind with any form of paint like latex, oil-based, or water-based paint. Any kind of paint, when applied over a primed surface should be lustrous and long-lasting. This is why we are here to give you a KILZ 2 Primer review to make you know the importance of a good primer.

Give it a read to know more about KILZ 2 primer. 

What is a Primer and Why is it Necessary?

First, you need to know what we are talking about. A primer is put under the layer of the paint surface, call it undercoating before applying the actual paint. Why does priming help? It is super necessary for a fact when it comes to binding the paint. Paint will not stick to the wall simply on its own. But if the wall is brushed and coated with a Primer like KILZ 2, the paint is going to hold best for the long run. Primers are adhesive that binds the paint, in simpler terms. 

primer review

Priming the surface will also give you the advantage of knowing about your paint. How it’s taking its colour form and how light or deep coating you will be needing. Primers are resins and will cover any porous or imperfections on the surface and seal it. Then it will help to bond with the overcoating paint layer. We are talking about KILZ 2 All-purpose interior exterior primer, particularly for many reasons, bear with us.

Let’s start up with the specs before breaking it down further 


  • Has low volatile organic compound (VOC)
  • 3.79 litre or 128 fl. oz in one container (1 gallon)
  • Usable on walls and ceilings, galvanized metals, wood, stucco, bricks, plaster, drywall, cabinets, etc.
  • Resists mildew like a charm
  • Dries out within 60 minutes maximum
  • It is a water-based material
  • Can be worked on interiors or exteriors both
  • Blocks stain and have tintable properties
  • Limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

The specifications of the KILZ2 should already lure you to purchase this wonderful product. But still, if you can’t trust the words, hear them from us in the later section.

KILZ 2 Primer Review

What are primers for? Adhesive properties and sealing blemishes right? KILZ 2 is magic in this case. It is a multi-purpose primer and stain blocker that is a completely water-based solution. This is a primer that is mildew resistant and will emit a very mild odour that won’t be a problem for your nose for sure. But you will be wearing a nose cover mask so ya, that’s not a problem at all. 

KILZ 2 primer

Kilz 2 enhances the colour property and makes it look sheeny afterwards. USing KIlz 2 will give you the chance to overcoat the paint as little as possible. You can roll on the KILZ 2 on wood, drywall, painted metals, bricks, plaster and panelling. There is much more to it than what we have just mentioned.

It is a fast-drying primer, that takes an hour to be done. It requires fewer coatings, as it is strong enough to work and seal on the first roll. Don’t hesitate to coat recoat if necessary. Plus point is that you can use it for both water-based and oil-based paints. Meaning you can underlay the KILZ2 for any kind of paint, water-based, oil or latex, doesn’t matter.

It is a versatile paint primer to efface and seal grease, stains, impairments, felt markers and such things. Most importantly it is the finest primer within an affordable price range.

Why do We Keep KILZ 2 in Our Top Rank?

There are many primers you will find in the market INSL X, ZINSSER, RUST-OLEUM, BERGER and many more. There is no end when it comes to choosing primers. But we are talking about KILZ 2 particularly because our experts have been using it for years and worked on hundreds of painting tasks, as DIYers and professional projects both. 

For covering grease stains, drywall patches, markers and blocking tannins we have seen the KILZ2 work best. We are not kidding. It’s more affordable than other primers we mentioned already. But will give you the best possible outcome without a shadow of a doubt. If you want to cover greased walls or woods, we got the KILZ2 primer for you. It makes it easier to paint afterwards. Even while painting cabinets, use the KILZ 2 primer beforehand and then sand it to give a polished unblemished look. Then go for the paint and see the magic happen. We can talk about the positives all day, let’s move on to the other properties of this extraordinary primer.

KILZ 2 Why is it That Good?

We call it good, in fact, an excellent priority for DIY projects or even semi large scale work. The actual answer would be that it’s up to you to make sure whether it’s a good primer or not. Depending on what you are doing, depending on your preference, you can prefer different brands and rely on them, But if you listen to us give a shot at KILZ2 and you won’t be disappointed at any time. 

The pricing of varying primer brands fluctuates between 20 to 80 dollars depending on the manufacturer and type such as latex, oil-based, water-based or shellac. The good thing about the KILZ2 is that you can purchase it within 15 dollars depending on your location and shop. Every seller has its limitations. But one thing’s sure is that it is one of the most affordable and most efficient primers out there within the price range.

Restoring projects with KILZ 2 is a charm. You can cover up ceilings that are smokey, water stains, dents and spots. KILZ 2 does it exceptionally well. Not for extremely large projects, but small tasks and even semi-large tasks like covering interiors and exteriors are doable with this primer. Talking about alternatives, we won’t give you any choice, it’s up to you. We guarantee that KILZ2 is decent and a requisite for any kind of priming needs. 

When to Use KILZ2?

The answer is simple, for any priming task before painting. Such as stained walls, old walls, kitchen cabinets, smokey ceilings, hindered drywalls, metal surfaces and much more. Roll this primer and make any surface, be it wood, bricks or drywalls look pleasant and appealing. 

For excessive large tasks, you can go for different primers much stronger ones that cover large surface areas. But KILZ 2 is adequate for DIYers, beginners and not to mention professionals who have been in awe of this product.

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FAQs About KILZ 2 Primer

What is KILZ and KILZ 2 ?

Two different formulas from the manufacturer KILZ, that’s it. One is an oil-based solution which is KILZ, it blocks stains and has less odour. KILZ 2 on the other hand is simply a water-based primer with very low volatile organic compounds.

What type of primer is KILZ 2?

It is a water-based primer that is easy to clean with water and soap without digging out the main bits.

Can KILZ2 be used for Drywalls?

Obviously! For new drywall, KILZ2 is a wonderful choice to be true. It is made to do priming on various surfaces, and drywalls, be it new ones are a no-hassle for it.

Does KILZ 2 work as a good adhesive to paints?

Yes! It is a high-quality bonding adhesive for paints. You can also leave it unpainted but that won’t be wiser. It’s better to coat it with paint and see them stick together forever. 

How long does it take for KILZ2 to dry out?

Wait for 1 hour at maximum. In general, it will dry out by then, afterwards, you can topcoat it with paint. An hour ain’t a very long time. Still, you gotta be sure about the environment and your geographic location. The humidity and weather conditions might take the primer less or more time to dry out.  

Will KILZ 2 work on interior and exterior?

Yes, it will work like a horse on both ends. It is best for interior work. On exterior brushing, it should do a fine job as well. 


If anyone is looking for a bargain primer that can do all kinds of priming tasks, from interiors to exteriors. KILZ 2 is the best choice. It will bind your paint easily. It can work on any surface like drywalls, bricks, wood, cabinets, painted metals and much more. YOu will be surprised by its longevity and functionality. If you have gone through this KILZ 2 Primer review, you should know that it is one of the best primers in the market with an affordable price tag. Why wait? Grab the KILZ 2 and make your priming task radiant and dazzling. 

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