How to Paint over Silicone Caulk – 3 DIYs for silicone caulk painting

Silicone caulk is too smooth to be painted. The paint beads up if you apply without knowing how to paint over silicone caulk. Using certain products and method will make it easier.

Here I have three easy ways to paint over silicone caulk. Make sure you use these goods and processes for a successful silicone caulk painting job.

Three easy methods for silicone caulk painting:

  1. Oil Priming
  2. Shellac Spray Priming
  3. Paintable Caulk Method

Oil Priming Method to Paint over Silicone Caulk

For a long-lasting and fine finishing my suggestion is to use the oil priming method. This process is not as fast and easy as the others. But if you are looking forward to having an amazing finish over silicone caulk, then you must follow this method. You have to choose oil primer and paint to color up your non-paintable silicone.

Let’s scroll and go through the oil priming method to paint over silicone caulk.

Oil Priming Method to Paint over Silicone Caulk

Step 1: Sand the silicone caulk surface

Can you sand caulk before painting? Yes, sanding is an important step in preparing my painting surface.

Silicone surfaces tend to be waterproof which prevents the paint to be glued. So to adhere your painting to the smooth silicone exterior, you need to make it rough. Yes, you need to sand the surface.

You can sand silicone with minimum effort. Just grab a piece of cotton cloth, soak it into denatured alcohol and wipe the silicone caulk. Pour a little more alcohol and you will see how it removes the shine and smoothness of caulk. You do not even need to wait for it to dry because it will be evaporated by itself.

Sand the silicone caulk surface

Step 2: Apply acrylic latex caulk on silicone caulk surface

Done making the place a bit rough? It is time to apply a thin layer of acrylic latex caulk to add more roughness to the silicone caulk. Use better quality acrylic latex caulk because this coating is super important. Let it dry properly and wait for the next step.

Apply acrylic latex caulk on silicone caulk surface

Step 3: Apply an oil-based primer on the silicone caulk surface

In this step, you have to apply a primer. A good quality primer will assure you that the painting will adjust the process magically. Here, I love to use an oil-based primer and I think you should do it too! Because this is the key to a perfect base. If you know how to use a spray primer, use it otherwise get a brush and prime it up. Allow the layer to dry perfectly.

Step 4: Apply oil-based painting over the primed silicone caulk surface

Your silicone is now prepared to be painted. Now you have to apply the layer of paint. Do not wonder and go straight for an oil-based paint because that’s what we are doing here. Use a brush and get to the painting. Remember to let the paint dry completely. Keep the silicone painting safe from any touch of moisture until it dries nicely to avoid another mishap.

 Apply oil-based painting over the primed silicone caulk surface

Shellac Spray Priming to Paint over Silicone Caulk

This is the most popular and time-saving process you will see every expert showing you. If you are not into doing hassles like oil painting, this process is your solution. Here we will use an awesome Shalloc Spray for priming and that will fix the problem. Here you will also know how to get latex paint to stick to silicone.

Let’s look at the steps we need to do.

Shellac Spray Priming to Paint over Silicone Caulk

Step 1: Wipe and clean the silicone caulk surface

You do not need to sand or do any other step before priming here. Just make sure you have just wiped the silicone with a clean cloth. Cover things you do not want to be primed with blue tape. shake the primer before you start spraying. If you forget to shake, the primer may not help the best to adhere to the paint. You have to shake the spray up and down 10-12 times.

Step 2: Apply Shalloc Spray Primer over silicone caulk

While spraying makes sure you are doing it in small bursts, do not just make it ruthless. Hold your spray 2 to 3 cm away and start doing it. Cover the silicone caulk completely in short shots and wait till the primer dries. You have to let it dry for 1 hour and make no moisture gets into the layer of primer.

Step 3: Apply Paint over primed silicone caulk surface

After the primer dries apply the coat of paint according to your wish. You can use latex paint or oil-based paint. Oil-based paint is suggested for a fine and shiny finish but latex paint will also do since we have used a shellac primer here. One coat should be enough for silicone caulk to shine.

Apply Paint over primed silicone caulk surface

Step 4: Let the paint dry

The final step is to let your paint dry as per the instruction given on the paint label. Make sure your paint has dried properly.

Paintable Caulk Method to Paint over Silicone Caulk

For this process, you will need a paintable caulk and a caulking gun. It also requires a day to recover. You will also need a silicone caulk remover and a putty knife to remove the old coat of caulk. You can skip the removing part I strongly recommend not to!

Let’s jump into the steps of using paintable caulk over silicone caulk!

Step 1: Remove the old layer of caulk with a caulk remover

Use the silicone caulk remover and a putty knife to get rid of the old layer of silicone caulk. Do not try to do it with a knife alone because the caulk remover will soften up the beads the way it should be done without making scratches.

Step 2: Coat with the paintable silicone caulk

Cover up the sides with tape before you start working with the gun. Pour the paintable silicone caulk inside the gun. Now set the tip of the gun on the place where the cracking starts and slowly wring out the caulk. Keep squeezing and moving your hand over the line and cover up with a steady motion. Now you have to wait for the caulk to dry, follow the instruction of the note given with the caulk. It should be 24 hours more or less.

Coat with the paintable silicone caulk

Step 3: Apply paint over the dried paintable silicone caulk

Now, you can go for painting your silicone caulk finally. You can choose any type of painting. Apply in a light layer and wait to dry it completely and you are done!


Painting is all about knowing tricks and mastering your skills with hands-on experiences. Some love to do it as their instinct says, some prefer to learn the process before they go for it. I belong to the latter group. I feel the urge to share my ‘How to Paint over Silicone Caulk’ journey because I know you need it!

Let me know which method is convenient for you!

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