How to Paint Aluminum Trim: Everything You Need To Know

This tutorial will show you how to paint aluminum trims step by step. It’s a low-cost, quick, and simple way to update your old doors and windows.

While we’ve made numerous improvements and updates to our home over the years, replacing the aluminum windows and sliding glass doors is currently out of our budget.

We have two sets of sliding doors that lead out to our large screened porch, and while I love the amount of light they let in, the bare metal finish made them look cheap and unfinished.

The interior of the sliding doors was painted several years ago, and the paint has held up beautifully. The door handle has a little wear, but everything else appears to be in good condition. I’m currently updating our screened porch, so now seemed like a good time to tackle the doors’ exteriors.

I also painted the aluminum windows on our porch, as well as all of the metal outlet covers, while I was at it.

Can You Paint Aluminum Trim?

Yes, your can paint your aluminum Trim. Paint adheres well to aluminum trim. Paint adheres to the metal better than vinyl, and because aluminum does not shrink or swell like wood, you won’t have to worry about paint peeling off like wood shingles.

Only if the siding is badly damaged or punctured should faded aluminum be removed. Before painting, damaged siding should be repaired or replaced.

Aluminum Trim Painting

How to Paint Aluminum Window Frame?

  • Cleaning is the first step in any painting project. I began by vacuuming out the pollen and dust that had accumulated in the window track. Then I cleaned everything I was going to paint with an all-purpose cleaner and a rag.
  • Spray paint is unquestionably the most effective paint for painting almost any metal surface. It adheres well and is easy to apply. This project can be completed with most common spray paints. Just double-check that your paint is suitable for use on metal and that it can be used outside.
  • When using spray paint, you’ll need to do a little extra prep work to ensure that the overspray doesn’t ruin anything nearby. Begin by taping all of the edges of the interior and exterior aluminum window frames you’ll be painting, with painter’s tape.
  • This is an excellent time to use 3′′ Painter’s tape to add extra protection. I only had 1′′ painter’s tape on hand, so I wrapped on aluminum trim around windows in a few rows. The entire glass section of the windows was also covered. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but I appreciate the added security it provides.
  • If you don’t have brown Kraft paper on hand, my money-saving trick is to use any old rolls of wrapping paper. I always seem to have a surplus of wrapping paper, and this is a great way to put it to good use.
Aluminum Window Frame Painting

How to paint aluminum trim on house?

You can begin painting once you’ve completed all of the necessary preparations.

  1. Start by shaking your paint thoroughly for about a minute before spraying, and then shake it every few minutes as you work.
  2. When working with spray paint, it’s also a good idea to wear a protective mask.
  3. Hold the spray paint 6 to 8 inches away from the surface you’re painting and slowly move it back and forth over the surface.
  4. To avoid thick, drippy areas, make sure to keep the can moving.
  5. Apply 2-3 thin coats of paint to the entire surface. Don’t try to cover everything with one thick coat; you’ll end up with drips and uneven coverage.
  6. Turn the paint upside down and spray for five seconds after you’ve finished painting. This will ensure that the can does not clog and that it functions properly for your next project.
  7. Remove the painter’s tape and paper carefully once the paint is mostly dry.

If you find any small spots where paint has gotten past your barrier and onto the glass, a razor blade scraper will easily remove it.

paint aluminum trim on house

When Painting should you do the trim first?

You should paint the trim first only when:

  • You’re going to tape it. Paint the trim first, then tape it off before painting the wall.
  • You’re cutting in and don’t want to use a tape measure.
  • The room is still in the process of being built. Painting the trims first will save you time.

What kind of Paint Should You use on Aluminum?

Aluminum should be painted using either latex or acrylic paints. After your primer has dried, you can paint your aluminum siding in nearly any color. Most common home colors can be painted directly over your metal primer, though very bright colors may require a light tinted or white base.

Paint sheen is just as important as color. When it comes to exterior design, flat or matte paint has a lot going for it. As long as the paint is clean, the chalky or velvety finish will give your house a very modern look. It also hides minor painting flaws, such as sloppy brushwork, better than other finishes.

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However, it is difficult to clean matte paint. When compared to other finishes, the surface texture attracts more dirt and stains. Additionally, scrubbing or spraying dirty spots can burnish the surface, resulting in an uneven finish.

What kind of Paint Should You use on Aluminum

Final Thoughts

This project was especially simple and quick. Two sets of windows, and a dozen outlets were all painted with three cans of spray paint. And the project was completed in a matter of hours.

The majority of that time was taken up with cleaning and taping. It took me less than ten minutes to complete the painting.

While the paint should last for many years, the initial dead-flat finish should only last a few years. Flat finishes are not as long-lasting as satin or eggshell finishes. They’re easier to keep clean and stain-resistant than flat paint.

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