How To Get Dried Paint Out Of Clothes

While doing the painting or visiting the site of construction may end up falling drips of paint on your clothes. And since paints have a quick-drying feature, it binds and creates a layer on your clothes. You cannot but get disappointed if the dress you are wearing is your favorite one.

But you can alter the situation if you know how to get dried paint out of clothes. There are many procedures available for getting the layer of friend paint off of the clothes.
It depends upon the paint and clothes types as well. Here we shall explore the methodologies to enlighten you on the ways of getting the paint out of your favorite clothes.

Types of Paints

Before going through the removal procedure, it is important for us to inspect and know the type of paint.

Enamel Based Paints

This particular paint is made of Zinc in raw varnish. Pigments of different colors are further
added to it for creating the final paint. Enamel paints have a relatively lower binding capacity.
These are cheap. It creates a glossier finishing comparatively slowly. Since it has a sort of
chemical resistance and water repellent feature, it can be tough to remove it from the clothes.

Oil Paints

The base of this paint type is White Lead and shows the characteristics of high viscous oil. It
can be prepared using three types of coatings as Primer, undercoat, and finish coat.
The binding capacity of oil paints on clothes is relatively higher. Moreover, it takes less time to dry on the clothes. Therefore, if you face situations where you drip oil paints on your clothes then you must take immediate action to get them off your clothes. The linseed oil and pigment in the oil paints make it somewhat easier for the cleaning process.

Emulsion Paints

It is made by combining polystyrene and PVA(polyvinyl acetate) to give it a binding ability. Since this paint is based upon organic compounds, it responds to the use of common detergents. The drying feature of this paint depends upon the base of the paint.

Oil-based emulsion paints take much more time than water-based emulsion paints. Therefore, it is important to keep track of the type of paint you are using or have ruined clothes.

Cement Paints

Cement paints are mostly powder types mixed with accelerators, binders, pigments, and water. It is basically used to give the surface a rough coating of paint for trial. Due to their lower binding capacity, they can be removed from the clothes quite easily following the correct procedure. But cement paints take very little time to dry on any surface. That is why immediate action should be taken to get rid of it from the clothes.

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints contain high-quality pigments and binders. It has a strong binding capacity with most of the surface types. Especially in clothes if not treated immediately then there is a possibility that the clothing may get ruined. The quick-drying feature and bright color exposure make things even worse. Since these paints are mostly used for short projects, calligraphy, or portrays it is recommended to wear a protective piece of the layer while working.

Acrylic Paints

Bituminous Paint

This paint comes with single yet very strong color exposure which is Black. The bituminous
paints are made through concentrated tar and dissolved asphalt in molten conditions. This
particular literally ruins the clothing if accidental dripping takes place. Its strong binding capacity and adhesive from the tar make it difficult to get rid of the clothing.

Plastic Paint

Plastic paints are relatively easier to remove. Because it has a surface-specific tendency and
does not create many blunders with clothes. Even the immediate drying capability and strong adhesive make it get a good grip on the clothes as well. It will be easier to remove the plastic paint if treated as soon as the paint falls on the clothing.

How to Understand The Type of Paint in The Clothes

● Firstly look closely at the paint itself.
● Water-based paints are less concentrated
● Oil-based paints have more concentration

● Go through the chemical compositions of the paints from the container
● You can walk through the internet to know the paint type using the chemical composition
● Check the paint’s reactivity with water and thinner.
● Water and Oil-based paints act differently
● Water-based paints are easier to remove.
● Latex, acrylic and Crafting paints are mostly water-based
● Wall paints and plastic paints are mostly oil-based paints

How to Get Dried Wall Paint Out of Clothes

● Wall pains are usually oil-based.
● First of all mix a sufficient amount of laundry detergent in a sink or bucket.
● Soak the clothes in the bucket for 4-5 hours.
● It helps to lose the bind of the painting. Carefully scrub the stained area
● Finally, rinse thoroughly to get rid of the paint

How to Get Dried Latex Paint Out of Clothes

Latex paints are water-based paints.
● Make a solution of vinegar, salt, and warm water.
● Make the solution concentrated depending upon the stain volume,
● Too much vinegar may deteriorate the cloth
● Soak the cloth inside the solution.
● Quickly scrub the stained area softly
● Then, Immediately rinse with clean fresh water

How to Get Dried Latex Paint Out of Clothes

How to Get Dried House Paint Out of Clothes

● The House paints are generally oil paints, primers, plastic paints, etc
● These are oil-based paints
● Firstly, scrub the dried volume off the clothes using a brush
● You can further use organic or mineral solvents such as rubbing alcohol, acetone, or
● Use the solvents directly on the stained area with gentle rubbing.
● Finally, you can use the paint thinner to remove the residues from the clothe

How to Get Oil-Based Paint Out of Clothes

● Water should not be used to treat the oil-based paint stains
● Oil-based paints require volatile solvents to pass through the stain
● 98% Ethyl Alcohol can be used to scrub oil-based paints.
● Rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover(acetone), hand sanitizer, or hair spray can also be
used instead.
● The stained area should be gently rubbed using the solvents till the layer comes off.

How to Get Water-Based Paint Out of Clothes

● Water-based paints require water-soluble reagents to make the paint react.
● Weak acids such as acetic acid should be mixed with water in the correct proportion
● Soak the stained cloth deep inside the solution and leave for a while
● Use a soft brush to scrub the stained area.
● Make the scrubbing happen inside the solution if possible
● Finally, clear of the cloth using fresh running water

How to Remove Paint from Clothes with Baking Soda

● Boil the water and pour a sufficient amount of baking soda into it.
● Simply, soak the stained cloth inside the solution for about 1-2 hours.
● The solution will loosen the bond of the paint from the clothe’s surface.
● Its increased temperature shall increase the reaction rate.
● Rinse properly and thoroughly after taking it out from the baking soda solution

How to Remove Paint from Clothes with Baking Soda

How to Get Acrylic Paint Out of Clothes

● Since acrylic paints are oil-based paint, you cannot use thinner or water
● Organic solvents such as Alcohol, dish detergent, acetone, hairspray, etc can be used.
● Make a solution of dish detergent in a concentrated amount
● Add some amount of stain remover available in the marketplace
● Soak the stained area and continue rubbing it with gentle pressure
● After proper air, drying treat the stained area with alcohol and acetone along with soft
and continuous rubbing

How to Get Spray Paint Out of Clothes

● Spray paints have a high binding capability.
● It needs to be removed using the slow process.
● Boil a bucket of water and add a little amount of salt, vinegar, and laundry detergent.
● Sok the stained cloth for about -6 hours at a stretch.
● Scrub the stained area thoroughly.
● Soak it again and gently rub the stained part
● In the end, rinse the cloth with clean and fresh water
How to Get Fabric Paint Out of Clothes
● First of all, create a solution of fresh warm water and laundry detergent.
● Take a little amount in a sprayer bottle and spray on the target.
● Use a soft brush to scrub the stained area thoroughly
● Follow the steps 5-6 times continuously
● Rinse the area and let it dry
● Use common rubbing alcohol in a good amount to rub the stained part


In this section, we shall learn about the general questions asked by people about getting dried paint off the fabrics.

How to Use Nail Polish Remover to Eliminate Paint Stains?

Acetones or nail polish removers can be used to remove oil-based paints. Simply, pour some amount on the stained area by doing the continuous rubbing.

How to Remove Acrylic Paint from Clothes?

Since Acrylic paints are oil-based you can use mineral solvents to remove the stains. Acetone, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, hair spray, etc can be used to get the acrylic paint off the clothes.

How to remove oil-based paints from clothing?

Solvents such as Ethanol, acetone, etc are good for removing oil-based paints. Moreover, common hand sanitizers with glycerine, hair spray and deodorant can also be used in concentrated amounts to removing the paint stain.

How do you get wall paint out of clothes after it’s dried?

Since most of the wall paints use primer and have good binding capability then mineral solvents can be used to loosen it. Besides, laundry detergent solution can be used to scrub off the dried paint stain from the cloth.

What dissolves dried paint?

It depends on the paint type. If it is water-based then common dish or laundry detergents can be used to perform the cleaning process. If the paint is oil-based then it dissolves in the mineral solvents.

Does vinegar remove paint from clothing?

Vinegar is useful for removing water-based paints from clothes. In solution, the paint residue gets dissolved and becomes easier to remove.

Does baking soda remove paint from clothes?

Baking soda in hot water is an effective solution to remove most of the dried paints from the clothes. It helps to loosen the paint binds from the clothes.

Does wall paint come out of clothes?

Wall paints are tough to remove but not impossible. If treated immediately the wall paints can be removed by following the appropriate procedures. Depending upon the paint type the removal technique should be followed.

How to get dried paint out of jeans?

A saturated solution of laundry/dish detergent can be used to remove fried paint residue from the jeans. Moreover, a solution of baking soda/vinegar with salt is an effective way to release the paint residue from the jeans.

How to get emulsion paint out of clothes?

Emulsion paints being oil-based can e removed using paint thinners or mineral spirits. Besides, turpentine can also be used to break the binding and remove the paint residue from the clothes.


The sudden dripping of paints in your favorite clothes can be upsetting. But, there is no need to worry. Considering you know the correct procedure and type of paint. Then it can be easy to remove the paint stain from your favorite clothing.
It is important to know the paint type first. Then you can use most of the common household
appliances to get rid of the paints. Sometimes, expensive clothes may accidentally develop
paint stains. That is why we should know the correct methodology and how to get dried paint out of the clothes.

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