Graco Paint Sprayer Vs Titan – Who Has The Best Paint Sprayer?

If you ask a professional painter about their spraying tools, you are likely to hear names like Titan or Graco. These are the two big names in the paint equipment industry and are widely acknowledged for their stellar products. 

These brands have a wide array of machines to help out projects like small DIY tasks to industrial work. No matter if you are a beginner or a master at it, you can always rely on these two brands to aid your paint job. 

Please read out the Graco paint sprayer Vs Titan article to know more about these brands and how they weigh up neck and neck.

About Graco

It is a company established in 1926 by Gray Brothers and since then they are known as the pioneer in making fluid handling items, adhesive equipment and paint sprayers. With time they have introduced top-of-the-line paint equipment and have been amongst the top picks of professional craftsmen. 

This brand is not done yet, they are still exploring new ways to provide gears and equipment for their consumers. Not to mention they are competing with other top brands and still standing tall.

Graco Paint Sprayers

Graco Products – Paint Sprayers

As we are solely focusing on paint sprayers, let’s talk about this particular kind only. Graco has a broad range of painting tools that are suited for beginners to professionals. They focus mainly on airless sprayers but do have some good HVLP guns as well. Let’s take a peek at some of their offerings.

HVLP Sprayers 

FinishPro HVLP series is one of a kind with around 95% efficiency in transferring the fluids. The adjustable turbine on these variants is what makes them a match-winner. They also come with rugged casings for extra protection.

Airless Sprayers 

For commercial use, they have the Ultra Airless series that has handheld, cordless properties. Ultramax II series are fitted with electric machines that enhance productivity to great extent. 

Talking about gas-powered units there are the likes of GMAX 3900, which has a stellar flow capacity of 500 gallons every week. This is suited for contractors who work regularly. 

For smaller projects, there is the Truecoat 360 which is very handy and has the functionality to spray in different directions. For DIYers, the Magnum series can be a lifesaver. It can be a faster choice than the manual brushing technique. 

There are other variations of sprayers on their list, you might want to check out their website to know more. 

Benefits Of Graco Paint Sprayer

  • Graco is a brand that is renowned worldwide and its sprayers are available in the majority of the places. So the availability should not be a concern
  • Graco has machines for all types of paint jobs. From small tasks to large industrial work, they have got you covered. For experts, the Ultramax II series is the best fit. For beginners doing work around their home, the Truecoat series can work effectively
  • They are an established brand that has been working for over 9 decades making high-quality tools. 
  • Has a diverse range of paint sprayers that are sleek and elegant looking

Drawback Of Graco Paint Sprayer

I feel that their products suit people with decent skill sets in handling paint equipment. So if you are inexperienced, this might not be the best fit for you. Has tons of complex features that can easily make a newbie perplexed.

About Titan

It is a brand that has been in the game since 1974. The manufacturer has been producing extraordinary spraying tools for painters of varying skills. From beginners to pro workers, Titan managed to serve them all and still going strong. 

They have a huge variety of sprayers, from hydraulic sprayers, portable paint sprayers, HVLP guns, Elite models, fine finish spray guns, airless sprayers and many others. Their products are workable for different types of coatings. 

Titan Sprayers

Product Range – Titan Sprayers

It is believed that Titan has a product for everyone. No matter whether you are super skilled or someone who wants to spray paint parts of their house. You will certainly find your preferred spray gun in the Titan arsenal. Let us check out some of the notable products.

HVLP Units

The Capspray 115 is considered a powerhouse when it comes to high volume low-pressure units. The FlexSpray in their list is another handheld HVLP gun that is said to work like airless sprayers. 

Airless Sprayers

The 440i from Titan is known as the first portable and efficient paint sprayer, introduced in 1986 and still going strong. 

To switch between gas and electric power according to your preference, there is the PowerTwin series. It has multiple paint gun accommodations (up to 6) and can be super effective, for example, it can pump more than three gallons in a minute. 

For mammoth painting tasks, pro painters can go for the PowerBeast line from Titan. These can work out the heavy task at will. Beginners and DIYers will love the Elite series which comprises two compact sprayers for small to mid-sized tasks.

To know more, do check out their website.

Benefits Of Titan Sprayer

  • The red colourway on the Titan sprayers simply makes it aesthetically pleasing
  • It has a vast array of products, suitable for all kinds of paintwork. You can pick out the smaller units for DIY projects or the professional ones for the colossal workload
  • Top of the line items suit professional use. Titan sprayers have evolved through the years and have all the necessary additions for expert needs
  • Brand value that you can trust without a shadow of a doubt. Their customer care is even top-notch. 

Drawback Of Titan Sprayer

Some models seem a little critical when it comes to cleaning the filters of the spray gun. Newbies can have a go at the sprayers but they might have to learn the intricate functions of the titan sprayers to achieve the best results. I would say the items are better made for experts than newcomers.

Titan Vs Graco Paint Sprayer – Head To Head

In this write-up, I have discussed these brands individually. You still might have some confusion about which one to select. I would completely leave the choice up to you, but let me throw some of my personal opinions on some of the critical aspects of these substantial sprayers.


When it comes to performance, both the sprayers are made for expert hands. If you are a newcomer to the paint equipment world, then you better get used to the way these machines work. 

Both the companies have starter spray guns to make your paint task easy. You can have a lightweight easy to carry sprayer with you and Titan has the best of the lot. Graco units are more complex and can be used on larger projects. That doesn’t mean Titan will fail to do the job. Both the manufacturers ensure products that will give you long-lasting performance. 

Ease Of Use

Graco – They have a superior number of handheld products, making them very easy to carry and workable for longer hours. The Graco 360 DS in particular is versatile and can be used to spray in different directions with help of the VacuValve

Titan – Titan on the other hand have a considerable number of professional items, compared to the Graco units. For example, the PowerTwin from Titan can spray close to 400 gallons in a week, which you might not see in any Graco items.

Maintenance And Warranty

Maintaining the Graco sprayers seems kinda easier compared to Titan sprayers. The manifold and filters of the Graco units can be disassembled and cleaned fairly easily in comparison to the Titan. A good thing about Titan sprayers is that they don’t catch excessive paint like Graco. 

As for the warranty, Graco offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, whereas Titan gives you a basic 4-year defect guarantee.


Many people have asked me to pick out the best between Graco and Titan. In reality, this is a very intricate task and I can’t just say this is better than that. Both the brands are exquisite and have been around for years and years. From DIYers to even masters of the craft have all acknowledged these variants.  If you have looked at the Graco paint sprayer vs Titan distinction above you will realize how worthy these items are. All you need to do is get something that suits your style of work. Stop waiting, it’s time to delve into the world of Graco or Titan if you are truly looking for the best paint sprayers. 

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