Graco Magnum proX19 review

Whether it is a remodeling job or a newly constructed building, paint jobs provide the last finishing touch. 

But hand painting jobs are nowadays very rare, and people have started using a paint sprayer for more accurate, fast, and efficient pairing. A perfect painting job requires an excellently assembled sprayer that can make the job easier. 

Graco Magnum Prox19, made by Graco Corporation, is one of the most perfect sprayers these days. 

Graco corporation is popular for its paint-spreading equipment, and the Graco Magnum Prox19 is one of its finest products. If you have any hesitation if the product is as good as the company claimed, you can check the Graco Magnum prox19 review. 

This sprayer can do any large-scale job at the proper speed without any kind of clogging. Its SG3 spray gun can spray paint with proper adjustability without causing any exhaustion in your hands. Your 50-foot long hose pipe can cover any area of the work surface, so your painting jobs will become smoother.

About the brand Graco Magnum proX19

The Graco corporation is one of the top fluid handling corporations nowadays. This corporation was founded in 1926 by its founder, Russell Grey. The founder’s brother, Leil Gray, invented the first product of this corporation, which was an air-powered grease gun. This product had become so popular that their first year-end sale was for $35,000.

At the end of 1940, this corporation became a million-dollar corporation. After the Second World War, they started growing the company. As a result, they became a 5 million dollar company with four hundred employees in a couple of years. At the end of 1980, after several successors to the founder, Leil Gray, arrived, this company became a 100 million dollar corporation. 

These days, they are manufacturing construction equipment, lubricant equipment, and industrial commodities. In 2019, this company has a net worth of $344 million and 3700 employees who are working worldwide. This company earned $1.65 billion in revenue at the end of 2019 thanks to the wise leadership of President and CEO Mark W. Sheahan.

Graco Magnum Pro X 19 Review

The Graco Magnum Prox19 is an HVLP paint sprayer with a curb attachment. It is a heavily weighted sprayer with a 42-pound weight. As a result, it needs a curve to carry. It uses an A515 tip to spray paint, which can be used for different types of pairing. You can do tinted paint, sealer, latex paint, chalk paint, and even enamel paint with it. 

Different densities of paint require unique nozzle sizes. As a result, this best paint sprayer can be attached with 0.009 to 0.01-inch sized tips. The tips reduce the chance of overspray. The flow rate of this spray gun is fast.

The Prox Stainless Steel Priston Pum can pressurize the flow rate up to 0.38 GPM, which is perfectly adjustable. So the RAC IV switch tips don’t clog. But if they somehow get clogged, they can be cleaned by the install-clean pump filter. 

The sprayer comes with a 50-foot hose length that can be upgraded to 150 feet. It is powerful enough to provide enough pressure at the end of this long hose. The hose can be attached to a garden hose with a power-flush adaptor.

So the cleaning process after a larger paint job with this sprayer is so good. You can use suction tubes to spray directly from the paint buckets. So your painting jobs will become faster and easier.


The Graco Magnum prox19 is a large-sized heavy-duty sprayer. It is used for power painting and HVLP painting jobs. It comes in two colors: blue and white. This sprayer’s dimensions are 20×17.2×37.2 inches, with a weight of 42 pounds. 

It comes with a 50-foot long hose. There is a power-flush adapter inside the tool kit that can be attached to a garden hose tube. This sprayer uses 110-volt AC or DC to run. The RAC IV 515 SwitchTip is used to spray paint and power comes from an SG3 Metal Spray Gun.


The Graco Magnum prox19 has some incredible functionality.

  • The attached RAC IV switches can adjust the paint of the sprayer.
  • The InstaClean pump filter reduces the clogging of the tips.
  • The Prox stainless steel piston pump can paint different kinds of paint with perfect adjustability.
  • By attaching traction tubes to the sprayer, you can quickly spray from a paint bucket.
  • The cleaning process is very easy because of the garden hose attachment mechanism.

Key features of Graco magnum prox19 

Now let’s see the key features with their benefits.

Cart mounted sprayer

Though the weight of the Graco Magnum prox19 is 42 pounds, as a result, it could be tough to move. But it is not. You will have no trouble moving the sprayer because it is mounted with a curt. The curt is equipped with wheels, allowing this sprayer to be dragged anywhere. So you don’t have to feel any pressure to carry it.

50 feet attached hose

This feature allows you to cover any part of your work area with paint. This sprayer can reach any height with this long hose. If you think this hose length is not enough, you can attach a maximum length of 150 feet of hose to it. 

As a result, this Graco Magnum prox19 is ideal for large job projects. The pump of this sprayer is powerful enough to provide perfect pressure at the end of the hose. So you can spray without any delay.

SG3 Spray gun

One of the best features of the Graco Magnum Prox19 is the SG3 Spray Gun. This gun is very lightweight but provides perfect durability even with a metal body. So it won’t be vulnerable while spraying. You can easily pull the trigger of this sprayer, so it doesn’t exhaust you. 

The nozzle of the spray is guarded by a large tip, so it will save you from any kind of accident. The instant-clean pump filter doesn’t allow this spray gun to clog while spraying. As a result, you can do the smoothest spray job without any difficulties.

Proximal Pumping System

The Graco Magnum Prox19 is attached with a heavy-duty pump which allows it to spray up to 500 gallons of paint a year without any difficulties. The pump is very durable because it is built of stainless steel. 

The pump is structured with perfect replacement ability. As a result, if a component of the pump gets damaged, you can change it without any hesitancy. The pump provides enough power that even if it is attached to a 50-foot hose, it will deliver the proper pressure for paint jobs.

Fluent painting

The Graco Magnum Prox19 is intended to produce a flawless painting with exceptional fluency. You will not face any air bubbles when painting with it. Also, if you want to paint on a large scale, you can spray paint from 1 to 5 paint buckets directly. 

As a result, you can work more easily with it. The RAC IV switch doesn’t allow it to clog the tip while spraying. So you don’t face any difficulties while spraying.

The adaptability of different paints.

This sprayer is manufactured as it can do different types of paint jobs. Tints, sealers, enamel paints, chalk paints, and latex paints can all be used in it. As a result, you don’t have to waste extra money on different paint jobs. 

Different densities of paint required different nozzle sizes. And this Graco Magnum Prox19 sprayer can be attached with 0.009 to 0.015-inch tips, making it one of the most versatile paint sprayers.

Adjustable power control

The paintwork can be very messy if the power of the sprayer can’t be adjusted. And this Graco Magnum Prox19  provides the perfect amount of power, so you don’t need to work too hard to clean the work area. It doesn’t overspray. It can be attached to a garden hose so that the cleaning process is faster.


  • This is a heavy-duty sprayer that is perfectly designed for extreme usage jobs.
  • It is very susceptible to transport because of the attached curt. 
  • The mounted spray gun furnishes perfect paint finishing in the workplace. 
  • The setup process and the painting process are very different with this machine.
  • The pressure adjuster of this machine adopts the paint flowing speed as much as you need.  
  • It is a very clog-free sprayer. 
  • If the spray tip is somehow blocked, you can reverse it. 
  • With the ability to attach with a direct paint bucket, it makes the paint jobs easier.
  • If any components of the pump are damaged, you can change them without any hesitation or use of external tools.
  • The 50- foot long hose is very vital for large jobs.
  • You can clean the workplace with the help of a garden hose attachment. 
  • You will be able to paint various types of paint with it.


  • It is recommended for casual painting. 
  • To use this sprayer, you need proper knowledge about the components of this sprayer to use it.
  • The plastic medium of this sprayer washes away very quickly.

For whom this product is designed for?

The Graco Magnum Prox19 is a heavy-duty sprayer. It is designed to do large-scale jobs. So it is vastly used for building maintenance, construction site remodeling, or construction jobs. This sprayer can handle these projects without any difficulties. 

Its Prox pump system allows spraying of the paint flow as fast as possible with proper adjustability. So the large jobs don’t require much time. As it can adjust the pressure of the pump so it does not overspray paint. As a result, cleaning doesn’t take much time. 

The 50-foot-long hose can cover any area of large construction sites without any difficulties. And if that is not enough, the sprayer can attach to up to a 150-foot long hose. So estate corporation pros, remodelers, and prominent constructors use this sprayer for spraying.

What users are saying?

The user reaction to the Graco Magnum Prox19 is very good. They rated it 4.8 out of 5, which indicated the user-friendly design and the perfect value for money construction of this sprayer. They can spray it without any hesitations or difficulties. 

It doesn’t overspray even when it is attached to a 50-foot hose. This sprayer works flawlessly for them, so it is likely to be worth their money. As a result, most of these users recommended using it as it is a very adjustable, heavy-duty sprayer. Though every machine has some misconceptions, it is not above them. 

Some users have reported the detection of the pump as it was not started after using it a couple of times. So it is recommended that you check it perfectly before purchasing the sprayer. Every component of the pump can be changed, so it won’t be a problem for you.

Is graco magnum prox19 suitable for interior painting?

Yes, you can use the Graco Magnum Prox19 for interior painting. This machine works very fast and doesn’t overspray. As a result, it doesn’t create messes inside your house. Also, cleaning after the painting is very easy with it as it has a power flush adapter to connect directly with the garden hoses. So the cleaning processes are completed quickly.


The Graco Magnum prox19 review provides the perfect facts about this excellent sprayer. It can handle any large-scale painting project without causing you any anxiety. Its well-built structure doesn’t cause any pain to your hands. So you become less exhausted while doing a large-scale job. 

But you need to check some safety issues before using it in a paint job. You should be properly dressed, and your eyes must be covered. If the spray tips somehow get clogged, change them in a reverse direction to solve the situation. While the paint job is over, clean it perfectly so that its life span doesn’t decrease because of debris.

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