The 6 Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

So, are you in deep thinking about the best professional airless paint sprayers are?! No tension. We’ve got you covered! Finding the right paint sprayer isn’t an easy task. The reason is the market is filled with a variety of sprayers right now. But, not all of them contain enough quality. Don’t worry! We’ve done the hard job for you!

Paint sprayers are a proficient system to paint large surfaces in a shorter period. They are also less messy than traditional ways. Now, take a look at the 6 best airless paint sprayers 2022 below. Let’s jump into that –

Best Airless Paint Sprayer

The 6 Best Airless Paint Sprayer Review of 2022 – Heavy Duty Painters

We will give you an unbiased review of the best professional airless paint sprayer models made for experienced users only. We picked the best ones for you among a long list of products. Let’s explore and see the review of us –

1.   Graco Magnum – Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum - Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco is one of the most famous US brands that has manufactured high-quality airless paint sprayers for years. There are various reasons it is the best sprayer. Besides, it can grasp anything you throw at it. It also gives adjustable pressure to supply you with the optimal control of paint flow for any project.

Further, it is a robust and convenient product. This paint sprayer can handle lacquers, latex paints, and many other pigments without getting silt up. There’s also a PowerFlush adapter that connects to a garden hose. This is why you can clean quite easily.

Quick Summary

  •     This sprayer has a powerful motor. It can produce high pressure to handle painting projects
  •   Due to its portability, you can move it around throughout your painting project
  •     The Graco Magnum 262805 X7 can hold up to 125 gallons of paint each year
  •     SoftSpray technology ensures less overspray. Thus, you will get total control while spraying.


  •   Lightweight and portable
  •   It comes with revisable tips to stop filling up
  •   Superb commercial sprayer
  •   Hushed operation


  • The installation method is a piece complex

Why We Picked It?

This sprayer is so lovely and highly impressive. Due to its robust piston pump, you can spray paint in the unthinned paint without having hassle. No wonder this is the leading spray painter in the market at this moment.

2.   Graco Magnum 262800 – Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Exterior House

Graco Magnum 262800 - Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Exterior House

Our second choice is also a product from Graco Magnum. This is the kinda twin brother of the previous one! Besides, the only difference is it is fixed to a stand. This product is very suitable to use in indoor and outdoor projects. It can hold up to 75 ft. of paint hose.

Hence, this paint sprayer has a PowerFlush adapter that can connect to a garden hose. Therefore, you can clean it easily. The piston is made of stainless steel. For this reason, it can ensure the high-pressure impact to spray smoothly.

Quick Summary

  •   This gadget is widely known as “Prime Mister”. It can ensure problem-free priming, which is perfect for any surface
  •     It is capable of handling almost 125 gallons of paint a year
  •   The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 comprises a flexible and ergonomic suction tube for direct wall spraying
  •   This is usable for a high amount of heavy spray painting projects
  •   The TrueAirless technology ensures a smoother spray finish.


  •     It features a flexible and adjustable suction tube
  •     You can clean without any hassle
  •     It provides the ability to paint directly from bucket to wall
  •     Reasonable price
  •     It comes with a one year of warranty


  •   Overspray can happen with it

Why We Picked It?

You can use this sprayer for various tasks. Both indoor and outdoor painting jobs can be done with much comfort. So, you can grab this paint sprayer without a think.

3.   Wagner 0580678 – Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Wagner 0580678 - Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Wagner Power Tank Sprayer is a superb cheaper option but with fascinating quality. Although its size is relatively small, it is super fit for commercial use. Hence, you can use it for smaller projects and various painting tasks. The most intriguing fact about this sprayer is it is super speedy.

The Control Pro 130 can paint a wall 3x more speed than traditional methods. Since it has consisted of HEA technology, it can minimize overspray significantly. On top of that, the device also features built-in-handles tech. So, you could bring it without a hassle.

Quick Summary

  •     The Wagner 0580678 does its task with high speed. Its speed rating is .24 gallons per minute
  •  The spill-proof lid can prevent any kind of injury
  •   It is super perfect for smaller projects
  •     The sprayer comes in a convenient design. As a result, it is easy to apply and save.


  •     High horsepower motor
  •   HEA technology can reduce overspray by more than 50 percent
  •     This product has minor assembly required.
  •     It gives a great control


  •     Not ideal for more significant projects

Why We Picked It?

This is a mess-free, spill-resistant, and high-speed paint sprayer. Verily, it delivers a superb finishing and bans overspray. We highly recommend it.

4.   Neu Master – Best Airless Spray gun

Neu Master - Best Airless Spray gun

The Neu Master Spray Gun is equipped with powerful turbofans and motors. As a result, it is capable of providing smooth and glossy painting. Since it has added a 6-foot hose and 6.6-foot power cord, you can cover long-distance projects with it without having a problem.

If you’re a beginner, this spray gun is perfect for you. The design is so user-friendly. Hence, the product’s practical design will help you clean it easily. It is usable on fences, furniture, garage doors, etc. Further, it comes with a 3-day return along with a replacement policy. For this reason, users get peace of mind!

Quick Summary

  •     The mighty motors can assist in providing faster and smoother high-end performance
  •       There’s a knob attached to it to control the paint flow
  •       It is lighter than hand-held spray guns and highly versatile
  •     The 600-watt turbofan enables it to supply fascinating airflow for comprehensive coverage


  •     It is easily adjustable
  •     Compatible with several paints
  •     Extremely suitable for beginners
  •     User-friendly and good customer service


  •     Clogging issues

Why We Picked It?

It is easily adjustable. The product is very lightweight and provides extraordinary service. So much impressive and strongly recommended.

5.   Wagner 0580001Best Small Project Commercial Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0580001 - Best Small Project Commercial Paint Sprayer

Are you in love with a paint sprayer with a powerful motor and sophisticated painting capability, Wagner Control Pro 170 is here? Although it operates at an average of 1500 psi, it can deliver a supreme-level spray of unthinned paint. The reason is it possesses a .60 horsepower motor.

Moreover, the spray gun is built with high-class metal. That’s why it is highly durable. The HEA technology helps it to reduce overspray by up to 55 percent. That’s the reason it can give a beautiful and consistent finishing. It is also an easily manageable paint sprayer.

Quick Summary

  •     The HEA technology can reduce over-spraying and provides better control
  •     It can supply 3x faster service than a conventional paint roller
  •       It can provide fantastic service for painting the exterior of a home, large deck, etc.
  •       This sprayer won’t be worn down by friction or corrosion.


  •       Significantly less chance of spilling
  •       No tension of over spraying
  •       Highly durable construction
  •       The company will provide a long-lasting warranty


  •       Hose is sturdily resulted in reducing ergonomics

Why We Picked It?

Like Wagner’s other models, this one can decrease overspray and inaccuracy efficiently. There’s no chance of overbalancing too —the perfect product for a variety of projects.

6.   HomeRight Power Flo Pro Best Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer

 HomeRight Power Flo Pro - Best Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer

HomeRight Power Flo Pro is one of the top-notch products for large painting projects. It sprays a superb finish on various household projects like garages, fences, decks, etc. Further, it has a robust ½ HP motor. That’s why it can give 2800 psi to spray unthinned paint.

Furthermore, the adjustable pressure and interchangeable spray tips indicate you can dial in the perfect settings for various projects. The long hose will give you a high maneuver. Hence, the nozzle is chrome-plated and it provides increased durability. It’s literally fantastic for painting.

Quick Summary

  •     It is fitting for both interior and exterior projects. But, it is primarily used for interior ones
  •     The high horsepower motor can deliver astonishing high pressure for unthinned paints of all kinds
  •   The sprayer is compatible with a varied range of components
  •   This unit can be cleaned conveniently by running a fluid cleaner


  •     It can supply fantastic finish for different projects
  •     Superb for interior painting tasks
  •     High horsepower engine
  •     Durable construction


  •     It is portable

Why We Picked It?

This is easy to operate and convenient to clean. It works great and gives a good value for money. Easily choice-able indeed.

Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayers Buyer’s Guide

So, we’ve given you the top 6 airless paint sprayer reviews. But, we think that’s not enough for you. You can still feel confused and consider which one will be the most suitable for you. This is why we’ve come up with another plan! You need to know some crucial factors before making the final decision. Now, we will provide you with those factors that will be extremely helpful for you to select the right one. 

Here we go – 

  • Multi-Medium Capability

Most professional users like to utilize more than one paint type in their projects. The truth to be told, even smart tradespersons want to supply a primer or topcoat in their expensive machines. For this reason, all commercial devices possess the capacity to compel thin as well as dense liquids even without pre-thinning.

  • Hose Length

You have to keep in mind how long your hose can reach. The longer hose can give you more accuracy while spraying. But, those hoses are usually harder to control. Moreover, you have to consider how long it takes to cleanse the hose after your spraying task.

These devices are mainly designed to spray directly from the paint tin. If your hose is too sturdy, you will undoubtedly face problems. The reason is they won’t move so quickly, which will ultimately negatively impact the performance. 

However, to get the best outcome from the paint sprayer, this is so important without a doubt.

  • Size

The size of the paint sprayer is one of the beginning factors you should check. It doesn’t matter whether you should buy a smaller one or a bigger one. It will ultimately depend on your job type. For instance, if you’re up to do a high-level task like coating a roof, then you have to use a bigger-sized paint sprayer. 

On the other side, if you wish to do a small volume job, then a smaller-sized paint sprayer is more than enough. Nowadays, most manufacturing companies produce paint sprayers with 25 feet long hoses.

This is the most suitable length for both larger and smaller painting tasks. 

Yes, heavy-duty sprayers will indeed cost more money. But, the truth is if you purchase a smaller one for DIY jobs, you won’t be able to complete the painting job for sure. Therefore, it won’t bring you any good and your money will be wasted. 

  • Wheels and Backpacks

Professional painters know that the airless paint sprayer is often used for long-distance painting jobs. When you are up to complete such high-end projects, it’s surmisable that you need to put a high amount of paints in the spray gadget. 

As a result, you will need a wheel and a backpack. SO you will be able to carry the painting device quite easily. This is why you should purchase a sprayer device with a wheel and a backpack. 

  • Pump size

The bigger-sized pump will undoubtedly save your time during the spraying task. But, such pumps are also hard to handle. The over-powerful pump could over saturate the surface which could bring misery. Hence, this is the best decision to purchase a medium-sized pump. 

You can complete almost all the projects with a medium pump without facing a hassle. Moreover, those pumps are better for more exact painting. 

  • Durability

Every DIY product needs to be durable. Otherwise, you have to spend money often which is extremely painful. A paint sprayer is no different. Verily, you have to look for a well-built and highly durable model. For this reason, you should check those models that don’t break so easily.

But, how will you know that those models won’t break easy?! To conclude that confusion, check out whether the model is made of aluminum or not. If the model is made of metal, you can also make a move for that. Almost all the sprayers will tell you the suggested yearly usage limit. Don’t buy one if it’s too low. 

If the spray painters are not stiffly constructed, this will be surely a big problem. SO, it’s a significant matter indeed. 

  • Simple Construction

 Always remember one thing. It is essential for powerful tools. Anyway, the thing is that the simple construction of a product will assist in completing high-end projects conveniently. Things are no different for a paint sprayer. If the product is too much complicated, it will bring additional problems. 

Further, it is also easy to clean and maintain a paint sprayer if it is made with a simple construction. 

  • Performance and Quality

A high-class airless paint sprayer can deliver superior performance for a long time. If you want to get clog-free performance from a paint sprayer, you should check its quality, durability, and brand specifications. 

  • Versatility

A high-quality and versatile paint sprayer can spray in several methods over a destination. You inevitably have to do a variety of tasks by embedding the paint in different ways. Besides, if you wish to use the sprayer in a vertical, horizontal or round form, it’s possible to do such things with a paint sprayer.

As a result, before spending money on a paint sprayer, ensure that it’s versatile enough to complete the job.

  • Maximum Flow Rate

The flow rate of paint indicates how much paint a device can spray in a minute. Verily, the average paint sprayer used by professionals can spray almost ¼ to ½ gallon of paint in 60 seconds. You have to ensure that the device can pour the exact amount of paint at the speed as per your requirement.

  • Weight

The product you use should be comfortable enough. If it’s not flexible, you can’t do the job correctly. Hence, the same thing applies to a paint sprayer. You might get tires if you have to carry a heavy airless paint sprayer. So, you should consider one that won’t be too heavy for you.

The best sprayer usually comes in a 30 pounds weight. Try to buy a piece of equipment for around 25-30 pounds. As a result, you can do the job with comfort.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is such a crucial factor when choosing an airless paint sprayer. A fine sprayer must be compatible with various components like water-based, oil-based, etc. Otherwise, you can’t do enough tasks for sure. Moreover, it should be capable of doing both interior and exterior projects.

It’s knowledgeable that you have to handle heavy-duty or light-duty projects with a sprayer. Therefore, it should be capable enough to do such tasks properly.

  • ·Portability

Did you see that professional airless paint sprayers are joined to stands or carts? But, why? The reason is simple – to make movement convenient. It’s no secret that you have to move your device frequently while spraying. This is why you have to keep in mind that you will get the ultimate mobility you need at that time.

  • ·Horsepower

If you want a professional matte finishing to your project, you need an airless paint sprayer with enormous horsepower. More horsepower means that adequate paint has been sprayed for the first time. So, you don’t need to re-spray for the second time.

  • ·Compatibility

The paint sprayer should be compatible with all kinds of liquids you want to use in your projects. If you still have no idea whether your sprayer can proficiently use the liquid you wish to, take some and make the final decision after the time being.

  • ·Ease of Use

Everybody wants to use their products without a hassle. You will surely try to get a pretty easy unit to use and maintain. Therefore, look for an option that has a low learning curve. As a result, you will be happy with your product.

  • ·Cleaning

Painting is such a messy job. You have to spoil your hand, body, and clothes to complete this task. Hence, the tools of the painting are also tough to clean. The tubes, gun, tips all need a considerable amount of water to clean. This cleaning task also requires a vast amount of time.

Therefore, you have to connect the device easily to your garden hose to make the procedure much more simplistic.

  • ·Nozzles

The nozzles should be adjustable. It is one of the most analytical features of a paint sprayer. Furthermore, you must be able to rotate it and put on various styles to match your specific needs. The adjustable nozzles are extremely helpful when painting tight spaces and narrow-type places.

So, we will suggest you purchase a product with an adjustable nozzle.

  • Cost

Price is always a more prominent factor when you are about to purchase a heavy-duty product. Besides, the same thing goes for an airless paint sprayer. This is a very significant factor unambiguously. Don’t go for low-cost products. The outcome won’t be good at all. Hence, you will need more maintenance and repairs to continue the job.

We are not saying that you will have to buy high-end products with a lot of money. Just ensure that you’re not purchasing a good-quality sprayer without breaking the bank. The prices mainly depend on the project itself. Always check out the materials list to see if it’s consistent with your ingredient of choice. This is how you will get a suitable product for yourself.

  • ·Warranty

This is the last factor on our list. Always see whether the product has a warranty or not. Most high-end products will come with a warranty. You need to check out the more extensive warranty period.

Difference Between HVLP and Airless Sprayers?

HVLP (High Volume, Low pressure)Airless Sprayer
HVLP throws smaller and uniform particles of paintAirless sprayer throws more clog and causes overspray
The spray gun uses a fluid awl and nozzleThe airless sprayer uses a spray tip
Perfect for smaller tasksBetter option to do high-volume projects

HVLP is a more effective and superior option for painting than an airless sprayer. But, you need an airless sprayer to do the high-end exterior tasks like cars, buildings, etc.

What Are Airless Paint Sprayers?

The airless paint sprayers are a device that can discharge the paint sprays at optimal pressure. The majority percentage of these gadgets can operate and manage almost 3k pounds per sq inch of pressure. Moreover, they are not like the traditional ones that can’t provide a consistent amount of pressure.

Hence, they can deliver utter consistency while capable of providing more accuracy, flexibility, and texture.

How Do Airless Paint Sprayers Work?

There’s a specific working method of an airless paint sprayer. When you press the gun’s tip of the spray, it will start to put heavy pressure on the motorized pump. Due to the extensive pressure, the sprayer sprays the paint out of it.

What is the best commercial paint sprayer?

The best commercial paint sprayer winner is Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer. This device can keep an adequate balance among features, quality, and price. Undoubtedly, it’s a superb product and you won’t be disappointed with it.

Do you have to thin paint for an airless sprayer?

No, there’s no need. If the paint is extensively thin, it will be hard for the machine to push out the tip correctly. There’s a huge possibility of spraying excessively. Consequently, they are intended to take out components directly from their tin.

What paint sprayer do professionals use?

Most professionals use Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer or Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer for their tasks.

Can I use airless sprayers outside without protective gear?

Paint spraying is fast and very effective. You have to wear safety gear and follow the instructions in order to paint with an airless spray. Yes, you can paint outside without protective gear. But, it will be totally a mess. It will also be risky as chemicals can significantly harm your eyes.

How To Use a Commercial Paint Sprayer?

This is how you can use a commercial paint sprayer. Let’s see the process –

·  Append the spray gun with the hose

·  Now, carefully prime the sprayer

· Install the tip on the sprayer

· Keep the spray gun at a reasonable but flexible distance (around 10-12 inches) from the surface you will paint

·  Discharge the paint by taking sufficient time.

Do you have to thin paint for an airless sprayer?

Truth to be told, it entirely depends on the nature of the paint you are using. For instance, take oil-based paint. This is a popular paint type. Moreover, it can save the airless sprayer from clogs or over spraying. This is why you should thin the oil-based paint by 15-20 percent with plaint water in advance.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is it possible or can I use thicker texture paint with Graco X5 sprayer?

We will not recommend this. Consequently, there are two main reasons behind it. They are –
The tip size limit is (0.015″)
You will have to fight with clogs which is so much disgusting
Nevertheless, you will have a chance to mitigate this situation by using the lightweight component for the painting project.

Can I use latex paint to do rooms with Graco X5?

Sure. You can use latex and acrylic coatings. Hence, the unit can be used in a roller adjustment to complete the tasks of painting interiors.

Will Graco X5 sprayer works for small surface?

Hell, no! This device comes with 515 tip. It contains a pattern size of 12 to 12 inches. Additionally, it is suitable only for larger surfaces. You can’t use it for smaller ones. Otherwise, it won’t give a good outcome.

Why Should You Pick Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO High-Efficiency Airless Sprayer?

There are several reasons to choose Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro airless sprayer. It can pump out .33 gallons per minute and 300 gallons per year which is literally a massive advantage. Further, it can decrease overspray, enhance control for a consistent finish, and come with two years of warranty.

Is buying Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Professional Spray Painters model worth it?

Yes, no doubt about it. The Graco Magnum X7 sprayer is highly capable, time-saving, and superior. It’s totally worth the money and it comes at a reasonable price.

Does Graco Magnum X7 work for both water and oil-based paints?

Yes, it works in both ways. The Magnum X7 is a very professional product. It is immensely versatile. So, you can use it for both water and oil-based paints.


This is undoubtedly a painful task to apply an array of layers of paint but still don’t get an excellent result. The pain is extreme. For this reason, you need an airless paint sprayer. It can do the job very effectively. That’s why we’ve listed some of the top products available on the market. We are hopeful that this list will benefit you.

So, which one will you buy for yourself? And, what do you think about our article? Do you think it will fill your wish? We’ve tried our best to help you anyway. Now, tell your opinion in the comment box. Thanks for reading the article! Stay blessed and happy shopping!

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