Top 6 Best Oil Based Primer of 2022: Review & Buyer’s Guide

So, you’re worrying about what primer will be the most suitable for your IDY and regular work projects? We are here to help you. Many people think oil-based prime is too tricky to find. But, it’s true. Instead, it is a pretty simple job. Primers are used to develop the overall quality of the paint. There are so many options available on the market.

But, which one will be perfect for your projects? Here, we will discuss the top 6 best oil-based primer of 2022. So, let’s go and see some of the best primers out there – 


Best Oil Based Primer for Painting – Our Top 6 Recommendations

Our review is dedicated to helping you to get the top-quality oil-based primer. We can assure you that these products will maintain quality and standards. Now, we will discuss the top 6 best oil-based primers in 2022. Let’s jump – 

Rust-Oleum Corporation 3609 Oil-Base Spray Primer

Rust-Oleum Corporation 3609 Oil-Base Spray Primer

The Rust-Oleum Corporation 3609 got all the classy features you can expect from the aerosol-based primer. The most sophisticated matter about this primer comes in a spray bottle. Therefore, you can spray quite easily. 

Furthermore, it can remove dark stains and resist tannin bleed. It can also deliver deep penetration to ensure an eye-popping seal to various surfaces. Another prominent feature of this product is its solid spray mechanism. 

It means that you can spray vertically with this one. You won’t be able to find such an attribute in all brands.

The Summary of Top Features

  • Zinsser provides efficient formulas. It can vastly improve the durability of painting tasks.
  • This spray primer just takes 1 hour to dry up.
  • It sticks to almost all the surfaces. However, one significant advantage is there’s no need to sand the surface for attachment before use.
  • It has an area of coverage of up to 400-450 sq ft
  • This application can prevent tannin bleed and penetrate and seal exterior wood.


  • It can be used for both interior and exterior use
  • Increase the durability of painting
  • Faster drying
  • It can cover dark stains


  • No mildew resistance

Why Is This a Top Pick?

It sprays smoothly and gives comprehensive coverage. There are also various top-notch features. So, you can purchase it without a doubt. 

Rust-Oleum 7582838 Professional Primer Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 7582838 Professional Primer Spray Paint, 15 oz, Gray Primer

Are you seeking to get an affordable yet reliable primer? You can go for it. This professional spray paint can cover 14 square feet. Since the price is too low, it’s ok, we think. Further, this spray can make application quick and convenient. Similarly, the rust protection provided by this primer is good enough.

Generally, it takes only 15 minutes to dry up and is perfect for use on ferrous, non-ferrous metal, wood, masonry, and other surfaces. On top of that, it’s not sandable after application and supplies a good base for superior adhesion. As a result, it can stand firm against various odd environments. 

Furthermore, the Rust-Oleum 7582838 Spray Paint can resist corrosion, abrasion, fading, etc. 

The Summary of Top Features

  • Ideal to use on a selection of surfaces
  • This application gives rust protection finish
  • It can provide coverage of up to 14 sq ft
  • This formula only takes 15 minutes to dry to touch and gets ready for topcoat application in a short period
  • It possesses a fantastic adhesion 


  • Easy application
  • Rust protection finish
  • Highly affordable
  • Take a short time to dries up


  • Used to crack when dry

Why Is This a Top Pick?

This is an easy-to-use application. Although it’s not perfect for big projects, you can use it for everyday work. 

Rust-Oleum 3954 Zinsser Odorless Primer

Rust-Oleum 3954 Zinsser Odorless Primer and Stain Blocker, White,1-Quart

This is undoubtedly one of the best oil-based primers for its price and coverage. Further, this formula is nearly odorless. Working with this formula is superb because it doesn’t free any harmful organic elements from your surroundings. However, it can’t cover an extended range of areas. The gallon comes with only 100 square feet. 

Hence, you can use it for various interior uses, including wood, drywall, concrete, masonry, etc. This primer takes around half an hour to dry up. Since it is a low-VOC-oil-based primer, it is perfect for residential and commercial use. 

It doesn’t exactly blend, but it can cover the leak stain. Indeed, it is an excellent product. 

The Summary of Top Features

  • This application is best for interior use on various surfaces
  • Perfect for both commercial and boarder use
  • It takes only half an hour to dry up
  • This formula can cover up to 100 sq feet
  • Produce no horrible scent


  • Low-VOC formula
  • Very reasonable price
  • Perfect for various interior surfaces
  • It dries so fast


  • Small coverage

Why Is This a Top Pick?

It is a very beneficial product. You can do various good works with this one. Although it covers a small area, it is still perfect for different interior projects. 

Rust-Oleum 272479 Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus Spray Primer

Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Spray Primer is an all-purpose, high-performance primer that can be used on various surfaces like wood, concrete, masonry, metal, etc. It can stick to the surface without sanding. Moreover, it takes only half an hour to dry up. 

Rust-Oleum 272479 Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus Spray Primer, White

This oil-based primer is perfect for both interior and exterior jobs. Additionally, it can deliver a smooth and white finish to any surface. The Zinsser Bulls Eye 272479 is magnificent for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Hence, it has a superior stain-blocking resistance. 

Further, it is convenient, ensuring a longer lifespan and optimal quality for top splodges. Another thing is it can be used over any oil. This is why it is a terrific primer for latex paint. 

The Summary of Top Features

  • It can be used on indoor or outdoors surfaces
  • It simply needs half an hour to dry
  • This formula can cover up to 12 sq ft
  • This application can deliver a smooth finish
  • It provides fantastic stain-blocking abilities


  • Suitable for both interior and exterior usages
  • Easy primer
  • Very handy
  • It takes a little time to dry


  • It can only cover 12 sq feet

Why Is This a Top Pick?

This is undoubtedly a good primer for all-purpose use. It doesn’t need any special handy DIY skills. On top of that, it primes everything without any drama. Highly recommendable.

KILZ Odorless Interior Oil-Base Primer

KILZ Odorless Interior Oil-Base Primer/Sealer

Another excellent product. Kilz odorless interior oil-base primer works proficiently on both walls and ceilings. This is an ultra-low odor primer. Besides, it can be used on prepared interior surfaces such as brick, painted metal, drywall, paneling, plaster, wood, etc. 

However, this product is not entirely odorless as the company said. But, the fragrance is so mild and it won’t disturb you at all. The oil-based primer comes with 300-square feet coverage with a 1-gallon bottle. Nevertheless, this product can remove stains as well as resist stamp growth on the walls or wood.

Kilz odorless dries to touch within half an hour. It dries to recoat approximately in an hour. Lastly, you can cover up interior places like apartments with a single gallon.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It is a stain-blocker with no persisting smells
  • You can use this application on various interior surfaces
  • You can use this product in a type of environment where immense level odors are highly restricted
  • Creates a fascinating base coat for latex paint
  • It is suitable for offices, small apartments, children’s school


  • The primer contains a very minor fragrance
  • This application resists the growth of mold
  • It takes only 30 minutes to dry up
  • Ideal for DIYers


  • It requires multiple coats

Why Is This a Top Pick?

It’s not so great. But, you can use it for various reasons. It is a less expensive product and can provide a good service. 

KILZ Restoration Maximum Stain and Odor Blocking Interior Latex Primer 

KILZ Restoration Maximum Stain and Odor Blocking Interior Latex Primer

This is a water-based primer and stain blocker. Kilz Restoration Stain and Odor Blocking Primer developed with the latest technology. It can easily repel tough stains like grease, nicotine, rust, ink, pet stains, etc. Further, it can be used on various well-prepared interior surfaces like brick, ceramic tile, drywall, metal, and wood.

Further, this primer is capable of filling in the cracks and holes. It can also give the paint a nice smooth surface. The drying timing is also significantly less. It only takes around 30 minutes to dry up. Hence, it can cover approximately 300-400 square feet per gallon. 

It can hide stains and scuffs very effectively. Moreover, the primer will give you a sturdy base for painting tasks.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It’s an oil-based stain/residue-killing primer
  • It can repel tough stains quite easily
  • This formula can be used on multiple interior surfaces
  • It can fill inside the cracks and holes
  • This application can cover up to 30-400 sq feet per gallon


  • Provides extra shine on surfaces
  • The drying process is quick
  • It can be used on various interior surfaces
  • Provide a solid base for painting works


  • Odor is awful

Why Is This a Top Pick?

This stuff is fantastic. It can remove stains and is very cost-effective. Therefore, it is strongly recommended by us. 

Best Primer Oil Buyers Guide – Finding the Best Oil Based Primer

Before deciding which primer to buy, you have to look at some necessary procedures to find the most suitable product for you. To make your job easy, we’ve come out with various factors. We hope these factors will help you get the best oil-based primer. Let’s go – 


What type of surface can the oil-based primer get adjusted to? Can you use it only on a wooden surface? Or, in the metal surface? Which one? We recommend that you go for a high hiding application with multi-surface compatibility. 

Stain Coverage

One of the extraordinary features you’ll find in current primers is the ability for a single coat that can efficiently block stains and resist them from making a negative influence on the topcoat. On the other hand, paint can cover up stains. But, they can’t do it so productively.

This is why you need a primer. It is good to wipe off stains rather than cover them. Further, this is where the primer is required. You have to purchase a good-quality primer that can do this job effectively.


You need coats to do a painting job with a primer. But, the question is, how many coats of primer do you have to apply to complete the job? One or two coats of primer? The more coats you need to apply, the more time and product you need to use. 

You have to keep it in mind. Another thing is – can you use any formula method? Should you only use a brush to do the task? If yes, then what kind of brush should you use? You have to keep these things in your mind before making the final decision. 


This is a significant factor in oil-based primers. You just need a 1 gallon of primer paint that can cover 300 sq feet of all surfaces. Nevertheless, you have to keep one thing in your mind. You need to ensure that you don’t require several coats to obtain that coverage. 

Low Odor

It’s easy to guess that almost nobody in this world will love the awkward fragrance of primers or paints. Most paints don’t contain odor at all. However, there are still some products that carry a pungent smell. You can use a primer that includes a low odor in such a case. 

Usually, they don’t contain high chemicals. Thus, you don’t have to worry at all.


Some people think that paint and primers comprise strong chemicals harmful to health. But, it’s not true. It’s not a big deal. Nowadays, all the primers contain significantly less amount of toxic chemicals. They won’t do any harm for sure. 

Drying Time

Most manufacturing companies say that their primer dries within 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, it’s not entirely true. The truth is that oil-based formulas dry lowly because of their materials. Moreover, we advise you to wait at least 1 or 2 days after applying the primer. 

The reason is it will provide a superior bond. 

Stain Blocker

If you have any visible cracks on the surface, you could want to get an oil primer that carries stain-blocking ingredients. It won’t only cover the stain, but it will also seal the place so that there won’t be any stain that can get into the surface in the future. 

The Finish

Although it’s not an essential criterion, you can still consider this feature. Some primers will give you a matte look after the painting job. On the other side, some will deliver you a gleaming finish. The truth is it doesn’t impact the quality of the primer. 

But, it has a significant influence on the look of your product. So, if you want a sophisticated look, you should choose a primer that can deliver a glossy look in the end. 

Rust Protection

We know that oil-based primer has high density and they do an outstanding job preventing rust. But, not all formulas can effectively do that. Suppose, you’re priming a metal on exterior surfaces. What will be then? Rust always attracts metal-type products.

You might want to get an application that has rust resisting capability. So, consider this thing before purchasing. 

Scratch Resistant

It’s not so significant part to consider. But, scratch-resistant is still a big factor. If the primer is scratch-resistant, it can surely make the top layer of paint scratch-resistant. Besides, it will safeguard your surface from harmful ingredients and, of course, some scratches. 

All in all, it’s a good feature, but not a deal-breaker for sure. 


This is a sensitive part. You know what? The coat of a primer is always done below the original point. For this reason, you will have to select a color that won’t bring any under shade on the main paint coat. We suggest you pick the white or gray color in such a case. 

The reason is that these colors are neutral and never affect the piece’s color. 


The oil-based primers are available in various containers that contain different capacities. You can find containers in multiple capacities like .10 gallon to a large container of 5-gallons primer. However, we are not advising you to stock primer. 

You should purchase according to your needs. No need to buy an extra gallon if you don’t require it. 

Environment Friendly

Environment-friendly primer is probably a big reason for a primer for some people. Nevertheless, some people don’t give a damn about this matter. But, if you care for your surroundings, you will surely think about it and try to purchase a product that supports the environment. 

Yes, it’s undoubtedly true that paints and primers don’t have a good reputation for being clean. However, some products can still do the job more safely and cleanly. 

So, we think that this ultimately relies upon you. If you believe that it matters to you, it is absolutely worthy. 

Your Timing

This is quite similar to drying time. If it needs a long dry time, you just need to wait a bit longer. But, if you don’t have so much time, then you should take another approach. Some primer and paint combinations could speed up the task. 

Hence, it is capable of doing priming and painting simultaneously. Spray cans can complete these tasks. Therefore, if you need a project to be completed in a shorter period, you can choose such an option. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have a problem waiting, you could earn a better outcome with a longer dry-time oil-based primer. 


If you wish to mix up your paint to get the color effect you want, you should select a product that has “tintable” on the label. After that, if you use primer, it can assist the primer match to get the color you wished for. 

Some Additional Information

Here, we want to add extra information to help you significantly. Let’s check it out – 

How to Choose and Use Primer

The fact is that not all the primers are the same. Some primers are made for interior reasons, while some are built for exterior jobs. However, if you need both services, better to choose a primer that can serve both tasks. 

Otherwise, we recommend selecting separate primers formulated for indoor or outdoor uses. 

Actually, the best primer will be determined by the surface you’re painting and what type of paint you’re using. 

The reason for using a primer is – 

  • Help ensure a uniform paint finish
  • Enhance the adhesion of the topcoat. So, your paint will be more durable.

How each primer affects paint?

At first, we can ask ourselves – what’s the job of paint? Well, we know that it’s all about color. Nothing more. But, the primer’s task is more than that. It can prepare the ground for the paint while trying its best to make the color great. 

Even most DIYers do a simple color change to paint without priming. If you paint without priming, there’s a high possibility the outcome of the color will be a little be different than the actual color. 

Besides, there are a few surfaces that are full of holes. In those cases, if you don’t prime the color, the painting could seep into the surface. As a result, your color won’t be vibrant and will lose its charm. 

This is how prime affects paint. For this reason, you need a primer. 

Which primer is right for you?

There are a lot of brands of primer that can be found on the market. But, not every primer will be suitable for you. Most people made a grave mistake by purchasing a cheaper product. But, it’s totally wrong approach. Not every primer is capable of supplying good service.

If your primer doesn’t live up to the expectations, things could worsen. You will look at your wall or door every day. If you feel odd, it will only give you pain. Therefore, our advice is to buy a quality product instead of the wrong one, even if it costs a bit more.

Why use an oil-based primer?

Most professionals will suggest using an oil-based primer. The reason is they can penetrate surfaces so fast and smoothly rather than other primers. Moreover, they can also pierce more profound into the surface. As a result, it can produce a smoother and fine undercoat. 

When you paint on naked wood, you should use a stain-blocked oil-based primer. Another thing is if you’re painting a wood that bleeds quite easily, oil-based primers could be immensely useful. 

What To Check Before Buying Best Oil Based Primer?

In order to find the best oil-based primer, you have to check out some crucial factors like color, coverage, drying time, non-toxicity, odor, etc. You must check out these things. Otherwise, things could get backfired. 

What Is the Best Oil-Based Primers?

There are so many high-quality oil-based primers are available on the market. According to most reviews and professionals, Rust-Oleum Corporation 3609 Oil-Base Spray Primer is the best. 

Can you use latex paint over an oil-based primer?

The high-quality primer can be used under latex or oil-based paints. Some well-known manufacturing companies produce particular types of primer designed to bond well and efficiently resist stain. In most cases, these high-class products are intended to be used under any paint you select. 

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It’s too difficult to choose between one of them. Both are good in their own ways. If you want versatility, you should go for RK3440K. But, if you wish to better function and durability, RK3441K will be perfect. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can Water-Based Paint Go Over Oil Based Primer?

Yes, you can do it. But, the truth is that water-based or acrylic paint during painting tasks over oil-based paint can cause peeling. The reason is those formulas usually don’t bond well with the gleaming surface of oil-based paint. However, if you can correctly do this, you will successfully use the water-based paint over oil ones.

How Long To Let Oil-Based Primer Dry?

The oil-based primer usually takes 8 to 10 hours to dry. Additionally, you can sand the surface with 180-grit sandpaper if you wish to get closer bonding. After that, wash the surface steadily and let it dry before painting. 

What is a Water-based Paint Primer?

Water-based primer is used to top a floor before painting. Primer enables the top coat of paint to bind and creates a sleeker, cleaner finish

When Should I Use Water-Based Primers?

Water-based primers are becoming popular nowadays. But, not all of them are up to the mark. Hence, you have to research the best water-based primer that could suit your work. Water-based primer is perfect for various tasks like indoors, furniture, walls, etc. 

Final Words

Primers are essential for various projects. This is crucial if you’re seeking to prepare your surface for painting. Of all the oil-based primers available on the market, we think Rust-Oleum Corporation 3609 Oil-Base Spray Primer is the best one. All of them are mentioned above are high-quality primers. But, this one is the best we think.

It is a product with different functions, high coverage efficiency comes with various values. All of these features you’ll get at a reasonable price. But, you can select any product on our list as they are also outstanding in the market. Besides, you can also ask any queries regarding primers. 

The options we’ve given you will certainly meet your needs and benefit your projects. Hence, we hope that you will be able to finish your projects with the primer we recommended to you. Happy Shopping! 

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