10 Ways To Learn Airless Paint Sprayer Vs Hvlp Effectively

So much worried about which one is better? If you’re trying to decide between an airless paint sprayer and an HVLP (high volume, low pressure) paint sprayer, there are several things you’ll have to keep in mind. Both types of sprayers have their advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s essential to choose the right one for your specific needs.

Airless paint sprayers are typically more potent than HVLP sprayers. For this reason, they’re ideal for larger jobs that require a lot of paint. Further, they’re also less likely to clog than HVLP sprayers. It makes them a good choice if you’re using thicker paints. However, airless sprayers can be more challenging to control than HVLP sprayers. As a result, if you’re new to operating a paint sprayer, you might want to start with an HVLP model. An airless sprayer is suitable for a professional painter.

Now, we will discuss Airless Paint Sprayer vs Hvlp : Which One’s Better? – The Big Showdown. Let’s go –

What are The Distinctions Between Airless Paint Sprayer Vs HVLP?

There are many types of paint sprayers for the vend. But, two of the most common are airless and HVLP (high volume, low pressure) paint sprayers. Both types of paint sprayers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you have to consider some matters before choosing one for your next painting project.


Airless paint sprayers work by pumping paint directly from the can or bucket through a hose and out the nozzle. They are ideal for larger projects because they can quickly cover many areas.

Airless Paint Sprayer

However, airless sprayers can be more challenging to control than HVLP paint sprayers, so you may want to go with an HVLP sprayer if you’re doing a detailed paint job.

Easy to Control

HVLP paint sprayers work by using a compressor to create a high-pressure stream of air that atomizes the paint into a fine mist. This type of sprayer is easier to control than an airless sprayer. As a result, it’s a good choice for detailed projects. However, HVLP spray guns can’t cover as much area as quickly as airless sprayers. So, if you’re doing a large project, you may want to go with an airless sprayer.


One of the most significant differences between HVLP and Airless Paint Sprayer is the amount of paint. It is also lighted as the “transfer rate“. Besides, the airless paint sprayer is very powerful. But, its transfer efficiency rate is around 60 percent only. On the other hand, HVLP’s transfer is almost 90%. For this reason, it is highly efficient than its counterpart. 

Speed Competence

Speed is one of the top-notch factors and there’s no chance of ignoring it. Airless units can provide a wide span of indoor and outdoor painting jobs. Hence, it is superior to painting in-house tasks like fences, walls, decks, etc. 

Material Density

HVLP sprayers are superb to deal with thinner coatings. They basically can’t do well against dense coverings. This is why it is not recommendable to use an HVLP sprayer with thick coatings like latex paint and enamel. 

Hvlp Sprayer

Hence, an airless spray gun can do a remarkable job for dense coatings. They can handle various layers with less pain. 


If we think about the portability between airless vs HVLP, HVLP is usually much smaller and lightweight than its counterpart. For this reason, HVLP is much more portable. They’re highly convenient to transfer from one place to another. 


In the fighting between airless and HVLP sprayers, the cost of HVLP is much lesser than airless. Generally, the price of an HVLP sprayer is between $30 – $100. A very few amounts of sprayers gonna cost more than 100 dollars. On the other side, things are different for the airless sprayers. They are costly. 

The price range of an airless sprayer is between $200-$1000. This is an average price of an airless sprayer. Due to the super speed, flexibility, and smooth finish, an airless paint sprayer is highly expensive. But, the high cost doesn’t mean that an airless sprayer is a superb product or HVLP is an inferior one. 

The HVLP sprayer is instead a smaller product with just a few parts and that’s it. 


The impact of the precision of an airless paint sprayer is enormous. Consequently, the pressure of the airless paint sprayer is immense. For this reason, they’re too difficult to control and ultimately, they’re not that accurate enough. However, HVLP’s pressure is much less and they’re easier to handle. As a result, the accuracy of these sprayers is superb. It also gives a smoother finish. 


HVLP sprayers use air to store atomized paint. Contrariwise, the airless sprayers use the paint itself to do it. 

Safety Issue

Now, we will talk about the safety measurements of both these sprayers. Both of these sprayers have their risks. But, HVLP is a bit safe, we must say. Due to the extreme pressure, an airless paint sprayer can cause severe accidents. On the other hand, the chances of an accident are much less when it comes to the issue of HVLP. 

Airless Paint Sprayer Vs Hvlp

But, the question is, how can I maintain safety issues? Well. You have to take some safety precautions for that. It’s better to remove the spray tips from the gun. Otherwise, superior pressure can make a negative impact on the hands. It’s good to wear safety boots, safety goggles, and respiratory masks before using the air paint sprayers. 

Both of the paint types require adequate precaution. 

There are so many differences, right? But, here’s the sum up. You need HVLP sprayers to get a detailed and perfect finish. An airless sprayer is superb for thicker coatings and medium viscosity coatings. Moreover, they can do the job on a variety of surfaces, including significantly larger surfaces. They don’t need a nicer finish at all. 


Is it possible to paint a car with an airless sprayer?

An airless sprayer can do the car’s bodywork painting. But, they can’t provide a finer finish to a car. The finish quality won’t be so good. Therefore, you can use a purpose-built HVLP automotive sprayer

Is it good to do paint thinning for an airless sprayer?

thinning. But, not all of them are tantamount. So, it’s good to check the manufacturer’s manual to learn it. 


So, these are all from us. Which one will you select? Well, it will solely depend on your project. Find out which one will be complemented for you. This is how you’ll get the answer. Besides, there’s not a proper victor in this war. All you need to gain knowledge and choose wisely! Anyway, thanks for reading!

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